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October 31, 2009
Jim suggested that we spend the day in the sand so off to Lancelin we went with Mel and Julian in tow. It was a very windy day (as evidenced by the amount of sand blowing in the air and the sand I had left over in the car at the end) but a lot of fun was had. My camera filled up with sand halfway through the day and is now junk so no photos from the rest of the day...

DSC02284.JPG DSC02285.JPG DSC02286.JPG DSC02291.JPG DSC02294.JPG
DSC02295.JPG DSC02297.JPG DSC02299.JPG DSC02300.JPG DSC02301.JPG
DSC02302.JPG DSC02303.JPG DSC02304.JPG DSC02307.JPG DSC02308.JPG
DSC02309.JPG DSC02310.JPG DSC02314.JPG DSC02316.JPG DSC02317.JPG
DSC02319.JPG DSC02326.JPG