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Ladies Day   
November 17, 2002
We let the ladies take the wheel (for a change) for a drive through the forest.

This day was an idea I plagiarised from another 4WD club - let the ladies have the wheel for a change. Skip and I planned this as a relatively easy trip through the Julimar state forest ending up at a winery for some drinks and eats. We severely underestimated the interest in this trip, with 18 vehicles registered before the day. We had a few no-shows on the day but still a healthy showing. I'm not sure I've got all of these name straight, so please let me know if there are any corrections.

Anyhew, we met at the corner of Neaves Rd and Pinjar Rd. Once everone had arrived, we headed towards the hills through Bullsbrook. Some chose to have the ladies drive the whole way, while others did the driving on the highway and swapped over in the forest. Bec drove the whole way in my car, needed the experience as she had never been in it (as a driver) before. We drove through the very pleasant Chittering Valley to our first stop, which was morning tea. The location was a convenient lookout over the valley, providing the ideal spot to stop and chat. Parking was challenge but we made do. Our next stop was the Julimar State Forest. Just inside the entrance we stopped to lock hubs and let the ladies know what was ahead. For the next half-hour or so we wound our way through the forest. There were a few steep hills (both up and down) plus a creek crossing (with no water in it - this being almost summer and all). At the end of this we wandered around in a small playground area to test our 4WD skills. In winter this would be a real challenge as the low lying areas would be very messy mud. Another half-hour of driving followed - nothing too challenging, but we did find a small creek with some water in it, avoided many fallen trees and saw much wildlife - kangaroos and emus.

Our lunch stop followed in a shady area which just happened to have a couple of mud pits in it. Fortuitously chosen, you might say. Bec was the first on in and didn't get very far. But, to her credit she did try but the bottom was far too soft. Next up was Skip and using a bit more entry speed got a bit further. Gary followed and made it about the same distance. Mike jumped in and while not making it through, almost made it back out under his own steam - overall a top effort. Finally, MacGyver roared through at high speed in both directions, making it all the way but only just.

The second mud hole proved less of a challenge, with several people getting through successfully with no recoveries required. Following lunch, it was a relaxed drive to Western Range Winery for a wine tasting session and then onto the StringyBark for more tasting and consumption of food and beverages. We listened to some good music, had some nice cheeses and accompianments before heading home. Given the good feedback and the excellent turnout, we will be looking to run another similar day for the ladies at some stage in the future. Now all we need to do is create another set of trip notes.
The gathering
P0005380.JPG P0005381.JPG P0005382.JPG
Morning tea
Morning tea
P0005384.JPG P0005385.JPG P0005386.JPG P0005387.JPG P0005388.JPG
The view
Entry to the Julimar Forest
The briefing.
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P0005394.JPG P0005395.JPG P0005396.JPG P0005397.JPG P0005398.JPG
P0005399.JPG P0005400.JPG P0005401.JPG P0005402.JPG
Estelle roaming around.
P0005404.JPG P0005405.JPG P0005406.JPG P0005407.JPG
Also whoops
P0005409.JPG P0005410.JPG P0005411.JPG
Mud pit at the lunch stop
P0005412.JPG P0005413.JPG
Bec waiting to go through.
P0005415.JPG P0005416.JPG P0005418.JPG
It's very soft
P0005420.JPG P0005421.JPG
Checking the damaga.
Bec was the only lady to give it a go
Also in the second hole.
P0005425.JPG P0005426.JPG
Skip has a go
P0005427.JPG P0005428.JPG
Also stuck.
The second mud hole
Second mud hole.
P0005431.JPG P0005432.JPG P0005433.JPG P0005434.JPG
Back to the first hole
But not getting too far.
P0005437.JPG P0005438.JPG P0005439.JPG
P0005440.JPG P0005441.JPG P0005442.JPG P0005443.JPG P0005444.JPG
P0005445.JPG P0005446.JPG P0005447.JPG P0005448.JPG P0005449.JPG
Mike getting far.
P0005450.JPG P0005451.JPG P0005452.JPG P0005453.JPG P0005454.JPG
P0005455.JPG P0005456.JPG
But not far enough.
P0005457.JPG P0005458.JPG P0005459.JPG
P0005460.JPG P0005461.JPG P0005462.JPG
Lots of mud.
P0005463.JPG P0005464.JPG
P0005465.JPG P0005466.JPG P0005467.JPG P0005468.JPG P0005469.JPG
P0005470.JPG P0005471.JPG P0005472.JPG P0005473.JPG P0005474.JPG
Wineries, wine, cheese, music and conversation
P0005475.JPG P0005476.JPG P0005477.JPG P0005478.JPG
P0005480.JPG P0005481.JPG
Small people dancing.
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