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JOCWA Trackcare Day   
July 19, 2009

JOCWA Trackcare Day

I got a call from Froggy very late on Saturday asking if I could act as his chauffeur on Sunday. Seeing as I had screwed up the dates for Macca's mud run on Saturday, I agreed. The deal was that we would head down to Harvey to meet with JOCWA to talk about and see the track they are interesting in adopting on behalf of Track Care. Off to Harvey we went - and it was pouring down. This bodes well for a day in Harvey - the hills and mud are something else. After a driver's briefing we were off to the hills. Miraculously, the weather had cleared by the time we got to the powerlines track just outside Harvey. There, we aired down and headed for the first obstacle of the day. We were instructed that only cars with lockers and winches should attempt the climb. Froggy had brought a hand winch with him so I figured we were covered and in any case - how bad could it be? Having (sensibly) walked the track beforehand I had seen the hole in the photo above and noted the handily place chicken track around it (not visible in the picture). However, when I got there the mud conspired and we went towards a large log (which I missed the first time) and the hole. D'OH! In the process of extricating myself from the mud, I had to back up an inch or so and proceeded to pop my right-rear flare off the car. D'OH! D'OH! Oh well, it was in one piece and only the clips had broken - I've got spare clips. Onto the back seat with the (now spare) flare. As predicted, however, I didn't make it through the hole (although I tried really hard!) and needed a brief snatch up the hill. No big deal. Only a couple of cars made it through unassisted. Sorry about the blurry photos - hard to take good shots without the flash in a forest while it is raining. The next obstacle was only about 300 metres up the hill. By the time we got there (after watching/helping multiple people through the hole) there was a recovery in progress and several other cars in various stages of ascent. I briefly tried the right-hand side of the track (left-hand in the first photo below) before deciding that the chicken track was a better option. I parked there waiting for the hill to be clear - but it was obvious I wasn't going to make it up without assistance. At this point lunch was called. Froggy and I set off to construct the well-needed chicken track with an axe. There was an existing quad-bike trail the needed two or three sapling removed from it so we could fit the cars up. A couple of JOCWA drivers helped out and we made the track. That didn't stop a few of the other drivers with more capable cars have a go at the hill.

First attempt

Second attempt

Third attempt and success

Eddie's first attempt

Eddie's second attempt

Eddie's third attempt

Eddie getting there

Final bit for Eddie

With that hill conquered we headed out - Froggy was on a deadline and we were late. All up, a good day out. Lots of fun was had by all. Thanks to JOCWA for putting the day on and to Froggy for inviting me.
Many, many Jeeps
DSC02085.JPG DSC02086.JPG
On the road
DSC02087.JPG DSC02088.JPG
DSC02089.JPG DSC02090.JPG DSC02091.JPG DSC02092.JPG DSC02093.JPG
Waiting to cross the creek
The creek
The hole
DSC02096.JPG DSC02097.JPG DSC02098.JPG
DSC02099.JPG DSC02100.JPG DSC02101.JPG DSC02102.JPG
The same hole!
And again
DSC02104.JPG DSC02105.JPG DSC02106.JPG
There is a Jeep in this photo
DSC02107.JPG DSC02108.JPG
And in this one too
Missing flare
Clearly I can fit bigger tyres on now
DSC02112.JPG DSC02113.JPG
On the log that I lost my flare on
Headed towards the hole
DSC02116.JPG DSC02117.JPG
In the hole
DSC02119.JPG DSC02120.JPG DSC02121.JPG DSC02122.JPG
Still in the hole
Reversing out of the hole
DSC02124.JPG DSC02125.JPG
Sideways in the hole
DSC02126.JPG DSC02127.JPG
Didn't need that number plate anyway
DSC02129.JPG DSC02130.JPG
Parked on the chicken track
Patrol being recovered at the top
Halfway to the Patrol
DSC02134.JPG DSC02135.JPG
Looking back down the hill
DSC02136.JPG DSC02137.JPG
More cars stuck on the hill
DSC02140.JPG DSC02141.JPG DSC02142.JPG DSC02143.JPG
DSC02144.JPG DSC02145.JPG DSC02146.JPG DSC02147.JPG DSC02148.JPG
DSC02149.JPG DSC02150.JPG DSC02151.JPG DSC02152.JPG DSC02161.JPG
Eddie right at the top
And with a little counterweight action
DSC02163.JPG DSC02164.JPG
Looking out over the valley