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Jeep Fight Club!   
August 26, 2007

Jeep Fight Club

Rodgebone from AusJeepOffRoad decided that an event like "Jeep Fight Club" was in order. So, we gathered the troops and headed off to the powerlines. It was a pretty wet and wild day but lots of fun was had. Many pictures and videos below - my camera ran out of batteries about 3/4 of the way through. Gathering in Midland. Airing down near Sawyers Valley. Headed up the first climb. A short stop while trying to find Murray... Flex text! Off to the next challenge. We found another group who had drowned a surf. Didn't appear to be hydro-locked but could well have bent some conrods and the diesel pump was playing up. I hung around with the Surf to lend them some tools while the rest of the crew wandered down the track. By the time I got there they'd found something more interesting to do... The first challenge - tug of war! The next challenge - a small water crossing and then up a hill that has defeated me before. And defeats me again. Need a lift or bigger tyres to get the transfer case bash plate up off the ground about half an inch. D'oh! Gnarly descent time... Some videos of the playpen: We took some time out to watch some other randoms tackle the obstacles. A bit of a play in the mud pit. Onto the next event... A Surf from another group tried out the climb we were on with not-so-good results - we think he stripped a few splines from his front axle. Listen for the snapping noise at the end of the video - it isn't really obvious but it was very loud in person. Just after this video (as I ran out of battery power), Hemijeepy slashed a tyre. Damn... Lots more stuff at the AusJeepOffRoad site. Just search for "Jeep Fight Club".
IMG_6462.jpg IMG_6463.jpg IMG_6464.jpg IMG_6465.jpg IMG_6466.jpg
IMG_6467.jpg IMG_6468.jpg IMG_6469.jpg IMG_6470.jpg IMG_6471.jpg
IMG_6472.jpg IMG_6473.jpg IMG_6474.jpg IMG_6475.jpg IMG_6476.jpg
IMG_6477.jpg IMG_6478.jpg IMG_6479.jpg IMG_6480.jpg IMG_6481.jpg
IMG_6482.jpg IMG_6483.jpg IMG_6484.jpg IMG_6485.jpg IMG_6486.jpg
IMG_6487.jpg IMG_6488.jpg IMG_6489.jpg IMG_6490.jpg IMG_6491.jpg
IMG_6492.jpg IMG_6493.jpg IMG_6494.jpg IMG_6495.jpg IMG_6496.jpg
IMG_6497.jpg IMG_6498.jpg IMG_6499.jpg IMG_6500.jpg IMG_6501.jpg
Parked - not stuck...
IMG_6502.jpg IMG_6503.jpg IMG_6505.jpg IMG_6506.jpg
Recovery required...
Where's that exhaust going?
IMG_6509.jpg IMG_6510.jpg IMG_6511.jpg IMG_6512.jpg
Just loverly...
IMG_6514.jpg IMG_6515.jpg IMG_6516.jpg
Cutsey... (?)
IMG_6518.jpg IMG_6519.jpg IMG_6520.jpg IMG_6523.jpg IMG_6524.jpg
IMG_6525.jpg IMG_6526.jpg IMG_6528.jpg IMG_6529.jpg IMG_6533.jpg
IMG_6534.jpg IMG_6535.jpg IMG_6536.jpg IMG_6537.jpg IMG_6538.jpg
IMG_6539.jpg IMG_6540.jpg IMG_6541.jpg IMG_6542.jpg IMG_6543.jpg
IMG_6544.jpg IMG_6550.jpg IMG_6551.jpg IMG_6552.jpg IMG_6553.jpg
IMG_6554.jpg IMG_6561.jpg IMG_6562.jpg IMG_6563.jpg IMG_6564.jpg
60 series
IMG_6581.jpg IMG_6584.jpg
IMG_6585.jpg IMG_6586.jpg
IMG_6587.jpg IMG_6588.jpg IMG_6589.jpg IMG_6590.jpg IMG_6591.jpg
IMG_6592.jpg IMG_6598.jpg