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December 15, 2007

Jeep Day in Harvey

The invitation was sent out so I went. Off to Harvey with the AusJeepOffRoad gang. Two Wrangler JKs (one diesel, and mine) and a bunch of modified Wrangler TJs. Fun stuff! Gerry came with me - and apart from getting whiplash bouncing over some ruts it was all good. ;-) Gathering in Harvey. First stop - top of Hitchhiker. We aired down and disconnected the appropriate linkages. Then we were off. Kind of scary watching other people go down. Lots of scraping from my car - I really need a 2 inch lift or so to get the belly off the ground. But the bash plates did their job.

Dave climbing a hill

Fud climbing the same hill

And then we were up the next hill. This one was a little more difficult. Dave, Fud and Ken had a go. Fud has some issues with wheel placement and needed a hand. But then the track was headed the wrong way so they came back down.

Dave on descent

Fud as well

Finally, it was lunchtime.

Some water crossings

Then we were off to do some more hills.

Ash had some troubles here

But Ken made it look easy

At the end of the day we aired up in Harvey before heading back.
DSC01350.JPG DSC01351.JPG DSC01352.JPG DSC01353.JPG DSC01354.JPG
Fud stops for a photo opportunity
Parked at the top of Hitchhiker
DSC01357.JPG DSC01358.JPG
Good parking from me - NOT!
Ash came all the way from Albany for this!
Ken makes it all look easy
DSC01362.JPG DSC01363.JPG DSC01364.JPG
DSC01365.JPG DSC01366.JPG DSC01368.JPG DSC01370.JPG DSC01371.JPG
DSC01372.JPG DSC01373.JPG
DSC01374.JPG DSC01375.JPG
On the way back down
DSC01377.JPG DSC01378.JPG DSC01381.JPG DSC01382.JPG DSC01383.JPG
DSC01384.JPG DSC01390.JPG
The dog with no name
DSC01391.JPG DSC01392.JPG DSC01393.JPG
DSC01394.JPG DSC01395.JPG DSC01396.JPG DSC01400.JPG DSC01401.JPG
DSC01402.JPG DSC01403.JPG