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Harvey / Lake Brockman   
January 5, 2008

Overnight Camping at Lake Brockman

Anna and I decided to spend a Saturday night down at Lake Brockman with Ken, Judy, Roger and Robin. We drove down on Saturday morning after our de rigeur morning ride (80 kms through the Perth hills); spent the afternoon wandering through the Harvey hills; had a swim in the Logue Brook Dam; enjoyed some excellent company and got some good advice (thanks, Rodgebone, I'll keep it in mind!) over dinner on Saturday night and then returned to Perth on Sunday morning. With only three cars we didn't take a lot of photos but here they are anyway. Our first stop was at the top of Hitchhiker - a small photo op and then the descent. For me, without any special lift (the Rubi is still stock other than front and rear bars) there were still a few bumps and scrapes on the way down. Nothing serious - I'd already crushed the exhaust pipe on my previous trip and correct that with a grinder so no other damage to report. A few other ascents and descents ensued. Not a lot of photos taken because we were actually doing the tracks! I think that most of the hills we did would be much more difficult (if not impassable) in the wet. Afterwards we aired up and went back to camp for a most pleasant evening. In the late afternoon a group of 28s (parrots to the unaware) made themselves welcome. The next morning the 28s were still around...
Tiggr at the top of Hitchhiker
DSC01408.JPG DSC01409.JPG
Descending Hitchhiker - making it look easy
DSC01410.JPG DSC01411.JPG
DSC01412.JPG DSC01413.JPG DSC01414.JPG DSC01415.JPG DSC01416.JPG
At the bottom
DSC01418.JPG DSC01419.JPG
Overlooking Stirling Dam
DSC01420.JPG DSC01421.JPG
DSC01422.JPG DSC01423.JPG
One of the easier climbs
DSC01424.JPG DSC01425.JPG DSC01426.JPG
DSC01427.JPG DSC01428.JPG
Logue Brook Dam
DSC01430.JPG DSC01431.JPG
DSC01432.JPG DSC01433.JPG DSC01434.JPG DSC01435.JPG DSC01436.JPG
DSC01437.JPG DSC01438.JPG DSC01439.JPG DSC01440.JPG DSC01441.JPG
DSC01442.JPG DSC01443.JPG DSC01444.JPG DSC01445.JPG DSC01446.JPG
DSC01447.JPG DSC01448.JPG