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Hill climbs near Dwellingup   
November 4, 2001
A very long day spent climbing hills and recovering vehicles in the forest around Dwellingup.

West Coast 4x4 decided to run another trip to Dwellingup to do some hill climbs, so I thought I'd tag along. A good group turned up at the Odin Tavern early on Sunday morning. Gadget was trip leader and we had eight cars in total - but can someone please mail me with any names I've missed. In any case, the contenders were: Our first challenge was in the forest outside of Dwellingup. We went past a small track (and I use the term loosely) off the side of the gravel road that passes by the various campsites. Gadget and I had a go at driving up it, but neither of us got very far. I was driving so didn't get any pictures, but there are some at Skip's site.

After that minor setback, we headed off for another hill. Gadget went straight up with nary a problem but I had some issues until I made sure that I had the same pressure in each tyre and let them down from a slightly ridiculuous 40 PSI to 25 PSI. The tree root you can see in one of the photos was the major culprit... After whetting our appetite, on the way to the next climb we found a small quarry to play in. Some tested the articulation of their suspension, others did the old "rollback" trick. Next we tackled a small creek. There were two ways to do this - directly into the mud (which Gadget did and I followed later) or over to one side which meant not as much mud but some nice wheel-lifting action. Despite appearances, there were no recoveries here. Lunch_ was definitely in order at this stage, so a nice spot was found by the river to do this. After lunch, Gadget (ok - all of us) were eager to go off and try the infamous Nanga Hill. This is a deeply rutted climb. The first 200 metres is reasonably difficult in the dry and ends at a small parking (and I use this term loosely too) area about halfway up. After that, it gets much more difficult. Everyone who tried made it to the parking area. Gadget and Pete made it to the top with Gadget making it look all too easy. I tried the second part but after numerous attempts, I've decided that better tyres and lockers are in order. In the wet, I have a feeling that this would be next to impossible. As it was, walking on the hill was a challenge and there were numerous examples of people failing at that, fortunantely with no injuries. Thanks to Skip for taking the photos of me! And thanks to everyone who helped guide me up and down.

After this, we lost a few members and did a small hill just around the corner from the Nanga Hill - no photos - it wasn't a big deal. The decision was made to head own to Jarrahdale to try out some old climbs that Skip had done a few years back. There were a few interesting climbs, one small recovery off a big rock but nothing to speak about. Just as we were deciding to go home, Skip guided Scrounger down a huge hill that required a turn-around at the bottom to get back up. While down there, Scrounger's left front CV joint blew, leaving him with a rear-wheel drive car trying to back up a very steep (around 40 degree) hill. Needless to say, this wasn't going to happen. We didn't take a lot of photos of this because we were very busy trying to recover the vehicle - this took about three and a half hours, leaving us doing the recovery in the dark. Gadget did all the winching, and the rest of us (Skip, Adam and myself) ran up and down the hill with Gadget changing extensions straps, shackles, etc. The vehicle was recovered and we made it out of the forest at around 9PM. Phew.

Overall, while a very tiring and long experience, it was well worthwhile to see and use all the equipment. Gadget also came up with an unusual way to use a jack and a quite perilous way to deploy it, but he can tell that story...
At_Start_1.jpg At_Start_2.jpg At_Start_3.jpg Creek_1.jpg Creek_10.jpg
Creek_11.jpg Creek_12.jpg
Scrounger in the mud.
Pete in the mud.
Leroy in the hole.
Creek_16.jpg Creek_17.jpg Creek_18.jpg
TC in the hole.
Creek_19.jpg Creek_2.jpg
Gadget in the mud.
Creek_20.jpg Creek_21.jpg
Adam doing his bit.
Creek_22.jpg Creek_23.jpg
Skip the photographer
Nice wheel droop
Creek_25.jpg Creek_26.jpg Creek_27.jpg Creek_28.jpg Creek_29.jpg
Looks much worse than it is
Creek_3.jpg Creek_4.jpg
Gadget in the mud.
Creek_5.jpg Creek_6.jpg Creek_7.jpg
The creek.
Creek_9.jpg First_Climb_1.jpg
Gadget on the first climb.
First_Climb_10.jpg First_Climb_11.jpg
First_Climb_12.jpg First_Climb_13.jpg First_Climb_14.jpg First_Climb_15.jpg
Scrounger on the first climb.
First_Climb_3.jpg First_Climb_4.jpg
Gadget on the first climb.
First_Climb_5.jpg First_Climb_6.jpg First_Climb_7.jpg
First_Climb_8.jpg First_Climb_9.jpg
Gadget on the first climb.
Eatin and yappin.
Lunch_10.jpg Lunch_11.jpg
Lunch_12.jpg Lunch_13.jpg
More of the same.
Lunch_2.jpg Lunch_3.jpg Lunch_4.jpg
Lunch_5.jpg Lunch_6.jpg
The river.
The river.
Lunch_8.jpg Lunch_9.jpg
Gadget climbing.
Nanga_Hill_10.jpg Nanga_Hill_11.jpg Nanga_Hill_12.jpg Nanga_Hill_13.jpg
Gadget REALLY handing a wheel.
Gotta love those diff-locks
Nanga_Hill_15.jpg Nanga_Hill_16.jpg Nanga_Hill_17.jpg Nanga_Hill_18.jpg
Check out the ruts.
Nanga_Hill_2.jpg Nanga_Hill_20.jpg Nanga_Hill_21.jpg Nanga_Hill_22.jpg
Nanga_Hill_23.jpg Nanga_Hill_24.jpg Nanga_Hill_25.jpg Nanga_Hill_26.jpg Nanga_Hill_27.jpg
Leroy on the way up.
Nanga_Hill_28.jpg Nanga_Hill_29.jpg Nanga_Hill_3.jpg
Gadget hanging a wheel.
Scrounger doing it easy.
Nanga_Hill_32.jpg Nanga_Hill_33.jpg Nanga_Hill_34.jpg Nanga_Hill_35.jpg Nanga_Hill_36.jpg
Nanga_Hill_37.jpg Nanga_Hill_38.jpg
Trying to cross the ruts.
Nanga_Hill_39.jpg Nanga_Hill_4.jpg
Say hello to Mr Tree.
Still trying.
Backing down for another try.
Yes, the side of the car is resting on the ground
Nanga_Hill_43.jpg Nanga_Hill_44.jpg Nanga_Hill_45.jpg
Nanga_Hill_46.jpg Nanga_Hill_5.jpg Nanga_Hill_6.jpg
The dog wasn't bothered by the hill.
The hill.
Walking is challenging.
Nanga_Hill_9.jpg Quarry_1.jpg Quarry_10.jpg
More Patrol doings.
The quarry.
Quarry_13.jpg Quarry_14.jpg Quarry_15.jpg
More Patrol rollbacks.
Quarry_16.jpg Quarry_17.jpg
Pete stretching his suspension.
Pete stretching his suspension.
Pete stretching his suspension.
Quarry_2.jpg Quarry_20.jpg
Scrounger doing the same.
Quarry_22.jpg Quarry_23.jpg
Adam having a go.
The whole bunch of us.
Quarry_25.jpg Quarry_3.jpg
Gadget sliding down.
Quarry_4.jpg Quarry_5.jpg Quarry_6.jpg
Leroy testing his springs.
Quarry_7.jpg Quarry_8.jpg
TC doing his thing.
Quarry_9.jpg Recovery_1.jpg
Stuck cruiser.