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Picnic at Dwellingup   
December 29, 2002
Skip and Brettski take time off for a picnic near Dwellingup.

Seeing as the rest of the club were away on various trips, Skip and I decided it would be nice to head down to Dwellingup with our immediate families to have a picnic and see if we could fit in some 4WDing.

The day started fairly cloudy and we caught some heavy rain as we were driving down but it cleared up and turned out very nicely indeed. One good effect of this was that it wasn't too crowded in that part of the world.

Our first stop was at South Dandalup Dam which was incredibly low. They aren't kidding when they put on water restrictions. Next, we drove through Dwellingup and into the forest. We stopped by the river for lunch, swimming and paddling in the kayak that Skip brought down. A very pleasant place to be... While we were playing there were some kids (who obviously had no fear at all) jumping from ever-higher points on the trees around the river. Following lunch we wanted to head for Nanga Mill to try out a hill climb on the 4WD Heritage Trail. But, the road at Bob's Crossing was closed for repairs so we took a long detour down the east side of the river and eventually made it back to Nanga Mill.

Along the way we investigated lots of interesting camp-sites and got to negotiate a very tight track that I decided was a reasonable short-cut (and probably wasn't).

About halfway back Skip found a little gravel pit to play in that had a nice climb up a loose surface. He's got the pictures so check out his site. He did get a bit further than me but he definitely has better tyres. Back at Nanga Mill we both attempted the Heritage Trail climb - Skip made it, I didn't, again bottoming out due to not having tall enough tyres. Hmmm. Budget being reconsidered.

We headed home after this excitement. Not a hugely challenging day 4WD-wise but it was still very nice to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.
Our participants
South Dandalup Dam
Very low water level
Very low water level
These gates haven't seen water in a long time
P0005668.JPG P0005669.JPG P0005670.JPG P0005671.JPG
P0005672.JPG P0005673.JPG P0005674.JPG P0005675.JPG P0005676.JPG
P0005677.JPG P0005678.JPG P0005679.JPG P0005680.JPG
The river near Nanga Mill
The river
Not much water here either
P0005684.JPG P0005685.JPG P0005686.JPG
Skip paddling
P0005688.JPG P0005689.JPG P0005690.JPG P0005691.JPG
Yabbies in the water
P0005693.JPG P0005694.JPG P0005695.JPG
More paddling
Kids with no fear
P0005698.JPG P0005699.JPG P0005700.JPG
Way up high
Coming down!
P0005702.JPG P0005703.JPG P0005704.JPG P0005705.JPG P0005706.JPG
P0005707.JPG P0005708.JPG
Coming down!
P0005709.JPG P0005710.JPG
Andrea paddling
P0005712.JPG P0005713.JPG P0005714.JPG
Burst mode on the camera - just fiddling
P0005715.JPG P0005716.JPG
P0005717.JPG P0005718.JPG P0005719.JPG P0005720.JPG P0005721.JPG
P0005722.JPG P0005723.JPG
Bec paddling
P0005724.JPG P0005725.JPG
Bec paddling
P0005727.JPG P0005728.JPG P0005729.JPG P0005730.JPG P0005731.JPG
P0005732.JPG P0005733.JPG
On the way back
A little hill climb we played on