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Dwellingup in the Dry   
January 10, 2001
We have some fun climb hills near Dwellingup.

We returned to Dwellingup with some more participans but this time everything was bone dry. Are attendess were as follows. Here are our travellers at the start of the day. Before we attempted any of the trip notes we had, we decided to to try out the hill that was nearly impossible (in the wet) last time we went out. I thought it'd be much easier in the dry, and it was for Dennis - he just climbed straight up. That's when the fun started...

Stuart tried to follow Dennis up the hill, but then realised that not having limited slip diffs and having limited from suspension travel would be a large disavantage. After much toing and froing involving lots of dust, wheelspin and a few brushes with trees it was decided that Dennis would pull him up to the top. This turned out to be a bit harder than first thought and we nearly dragged Stuart into a huge culvert. Whoops. After this, the consensus was to use a block attached to a nearby sturdy tree and winch him up. This (naturally) worked much better. Now Rob had a go. He didn't have much more success than Stuart even though (in theory) the Patrol is a bit better offroad. We put the problem down to having his leaf springs far too stiff - he had virtually no wheel travel and this hill required it in spades. However, he did (eventually) make it up under his own power. I was going to make an attempt on this hill, but after examining the remains of the last two attempts, I decided not to. There were some huge holes surrounded by large rocks, and there was no traction - everything was fine dust. Even walking down the hill was a problem. Maybe later when I have some diff locks.

Once the hill had been done, we proceeded with our trip notes. Swimming in the Murray River was very nice over lunch.

After lunch we hit a few snags. According to the notes, there was a fallen tree on a fire trail we needed to detour around. There was, in fact, about 15 fallen trees with no detours at all. During the heat of the day (around 1PM) we were making tracks to continue. No photos - I just couldn't be bothered.

At one point we had Rob's Patrol stuck on top of a log. We had a hi-lift jack lifting him up and everyone pulling the log out from underneath. Heavy work...

The thought occured to us that the trees had been felled to discourage use of the track. However, there were no obvious marks where they had been cut - they all looked like they had been burnt in a recent fire and had (coincidentally) fallen across the track.

Needless to say, it was a pretty hard day after lunch.
At_the_start_1.jpg At_the_start_2.jpg
Brett and Dennis
Rob_doing_the_bottom_2.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_1.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_10.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_11.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_12.jpg
Rob_doing_the_top_13.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_14.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_15.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_17.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_18.jpg
Rob_doing_the_top_19.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_2.jpg
At the start.
Rob_doing_the_top_3.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_4.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_5.jpg
Rob_doing_the_top_6.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_7.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_8.jpg Rob_doing_the_top_9.jpg
More and more dust.
Steeper than it looks.
Stuart_doing_the_top_10.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_11.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_12.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_13.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_14.jpg
Very slippery.
Stuart_doing_the_top_16.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_17.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_18.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_19.jpg
Stuart_doing_the_top_2.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_20.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_21.jpg
Over the side.
Stuart_doing_the_top_22.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_23.jpg
Stuart_doing_the_top_24.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_25.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_26.jpg
Big hole!
Stuart_doing_the_top_27.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_28.jpg
Up we go.
Stuart_doing_the_top_29.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_3.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_30.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_31.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_32.jpg
Stuart_doing_the_top_4.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_6.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_7.jpg Stuart_doing_the_top_8.jpg