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Canteen 2003 (Second Trip)   
April 5, 2003
We take the kids from CanTeen on a trip to Grey.

This was the third CanTeen trip for me - the second this year. Once again, Froggy did a fantastic job in co-ordinating with the CanTeen folk.

Our drivers for the weekend were:

Day One - Saturday

To start the weekend, we headed down to the CanTeen headquarters to pick up everyone and their gear. Nothing unusual here - just a few photos for posterity. Skip's car was loaded down with kit - pictures of this a little later. Then, a quick run to Yanchep for morning tea and some rowboat exercises for the trip participants. Along the way, the kids quickly got into the spirit of things by asking Froggy why he still had road tyres on his car. Similarly, someone was discussing "pelvic floor muscles of steel" but I wasn't privy to the background on this one. For our morning tea, we met with a few of the local inhabitants. Next it was up to Lancelin for lunch. After lunch we headed north through Wedge to Grey. Once there, we dropped of the CanTeen crew and headed to Big Pete's Pizza Hut. Thanks muchly to Pete for letting us use his shack. He was going to come on the trip but had some vehicular problems.

Sunset at Grey was spectacular and we settled in for a nice night of eating and conversation.

Day Two - Sunday

The next morning we headed out onto the dunes for a bit of a play as we usually do. We did some driving, the kids did some sand boarding and then finished up with some sock wrestling.

Now, some of you are likely to be upset by one of the photographs in the following set. If you are then email me and complain - don't go off at the club or anyone else. I was driving and am responsible for my own actions. No-one forced me to do anything and I was acting within what I consider to be my own boundaries of safety. I did not do anything without first determining that I thought it was safe. No-one was hurt, nothing was damaged (except a battery). So live with it. 'Nuff said.

As it turns out, the lip on the top of the dune in question here was quite sharp and most people got a little bit of air because of the speed required to crest the dune. I decided (after some prodding) to have another go at a different angle. The result pretty much speaks for itself. Thanks to Skip for taking the photo. With the frivolities over, we dropped the CanTeen crew back in Grey for lunch and headed back to the shack to have lunch ourselves and pack up. Heading back to Perth, we stopped in Lancelin to air up and then at the Moore River bridge on the highway just for fun. Finally, a nice drive back into Perth rounded off the weekend.

Once again, thanks to the CanTeen people for organising the weekend, Froggy for doing the club end and especially thanks to the other drivers - I had a blast and I hope the rest of you did as well.
At the CanTeen HQ
At Yanchep
P0006090.JPG P0006091.JPG P0006092.JPG P0006093.JPG
Froggy's road tyres
Froggy's road tyres
The CanTeen gear
The CanTeen crew
The locals
P0006098.JPG P0006099.JPG
P0006100.JPG P0006101.JPG
Lunch in Lancelin.
P0006102.JPG P0006103.JPG
P0006105.JPG P0006106.JPG
Airing down
P0006107.JPG P0006108.JPG P0006109.JPG
P0006110.JPG P0006111.JPG P0006112.jpg P0006113.JPG P0006114.JPG
The Pizza Hut!
Big Pete's shack
P0006116.JPG P0006117.JPG
Sunset over Grey
Sunset over the ocean
P0006120.JPG P0006121.JPG
Not clouds - dunes
Not clouds - dunes
On the dunes
P0006125.JPG P0006126.JPG P0006127.JPG P0006128.JPG P0006129.JPG
P0006131.JPG P0006132.JPG
P0006135.JPG P0006136.JPG
All lined up
P0006138.JPG P0006139.JPG
P0006140.JPG P0006141.JPG P0006142.JPG P0006143.JPG P0006144.JPG
P0006145.JPG P0006146.JPG
The CanTeen crew
P0006147.JPG P0006148.JPG P0006149.JPG
P0006150.JPG P0006151.JPG
Sock wrestling
P0006152.JPG P0006153.JPG
Sock wrestling!
Sock wrestling!
P0006156.JPG P0006157.JPG P0006158.JPG P0006159.JPG
Sock wrestling!
Sock wrestling!
Sock wrestling!
P0006162.JPG P0006163.JPG P0006164.JPG
Sock wrestling!
P0006165.JPG P0006166.JPG P0006167.JPG P0006168.JPG P0006169.JPG
Sock wrestling!
P0006171.JPG P0006172.JPG P0006173.JPG P0006174.JPG
Sock wrestling!
P0006175.jpg P0006176.JPG
Free for all!
P0006177.JPG P0006178.JPG P0006179.JPG
P0006180.JPG P0006181.JPG P0006182.JPG P0006183.JPG P0006184.JPG
Sock wrestling!
P0006185.JPG P0006186.JPG P0006187.JPG P0006188.JPG P0006189.JPG
P0006190.JPG P0006191.JPG
Sock wrestling!
Sock wrestling!
P0006193.JPG P0006194.JPG
P0006195.JPG P0006196.JPG P0006197.JPG
Sock wrestling!
P0006198.JPG P0006199.JPG
P0006200.JPG P0006201.JPG P0006202.JPG P0006203.JPG P0006204.JPG
P0006205.JPG P0006206.JPG P0006207.JPG P0006208.JPG P0006209.JPG
Packing up at the shack
P0006211.JPG P0006212.JPG P0006213.JPG P0006214.JPG
The view from the Pizza Hut
P0006215.JPG P0006216.JPG P0006217.JPG
Ocean views
P0006218.JPG P0006219.JPG
P0006220.JPG P0006221.JPG
Not one of ours - at Big Pete's shack
P0006222.JPG P0006223.JPG
At the Moore River bridge
Moore River bridge
P0006226.JPG P0006227.JPG
The CanTeen crew
P0006228.JPG P0006229.JPG
P0006230.JPG P0006231.JPG P0006232.JPG P0006233.jpg P0006234.JPG
The bridge
P0006236.JPG P0006237.JPG P0006238.JPG P0006239.JPG
Froggy in the river
P0006241.JPG P0006242.JPG P0006243.JPG P0006244.jpg
The river