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Canteen 2003   
March 7, 2003
We take the kids from CanTeen on a trip to Lancelin.

This was the second CanTeen trip I have participated in - again a top effort by Froggy in organising it - not to mention all the leg work on the CanTeen side.

Our drivers for the weekend were: Day One - Friday

Unlike the last CanTeen trip, this one was only to Lancelin and started on Friday night. We wandered off to the CanTeen HQ, picked everyone up and were on our way. We stopped off at Quinns Rocks for some snacks and comfort and then onto Lancelin.

We arrived about 10PM and dropped off the CanTeen crew after having some problems with Wayne's LandCruiser - the water pump had seized.

Thanks to Robbo for letting us stay at his place in Lancelin - it was hugely convenient and good for everyone.

Day Two - Saturday

The next morning Sofia kindly picked up a water pump for Wayne's car and brought it up to Lancelin for us. Most of us just went into recovery mode (having got about three hours sleep) while the mechanics did the work on the car.

Some were still sleeping at this point. German Pete had spent the night on the beach and drove back in only to go back to sleep in his car. Before picking up the CanTeen crew, we went down to the beach for a bit of a paddle. It was a very hot day and extremely windy, but we managed. Our next stop was the lodge. We picked up the CanTeen group and headed off to the dunes for driving and general messing around. Thunderstorms were headed in as we went off to the dunes so it cooled down quite a bit. Some rain came in and those in my car got wet (as you'd expect) but no harm done... It was still very windy on the dunes - lots of sand flying around. As Big Pete did not have his full-sized 4WD running, he brought along a replacement. On the way back to the townsite we toured through the dunes and stopped off to see the big bus. After dropping off the CanTeen crew, we headed back down the beach for a swim before sundown. As you can see we got pretty relaxed. However, no drinks were spilled in the exercise. Big Pete's chair had a pretty hard time, though. Day Three - Sunday

Sunday morning we packed up, grabbed everyone and headed to the bakery for lunch after another short stop at the beach. A fire had started north of Lancelin and it got rather large while we were eating our lunch. After his we headed out of Lancelin back towards to Perth. We detoured through the Moore River area and did some river crossings before heading back out on the highway. German Pete picked up a big stick (almost a log) that required sawing off before we could remove it from the bottom of his car but other than that, it was pretty incident free. Thanks again to Froggy for organising the 4x4 side of the trip - I think everyone had a great time and I'll certainly come along on the next one.
Saturday morning recovery
P0005837.JPG P0005838.JPG
Recovery mode
P0005839.JPG P0005840.JPG
P0005841.JPG P0005842.JPG
Froggy still sleeping.
German Pete still sleeping.
Water pump repairs to Wayne's 60 series
P0005846.JPG P0005847.JPG P0005848.JPG
Spare parts?
P0005849.JPG P0005850.JPG
Down the beach before picking up the CanTeen crew
P0005852.JPG P0005853.JPG
On the beach
P0005854.JPG P0005855.JPG
On the beach
The surf
The other type of surfing
P0005858.JPG P0005859.JPG
On the dunes near Lancelin
German Pete headed down
P0005862.JPG P0005863.JPG P0005864.JPG P0005865.JPG
Surf's up!
P0005867.JPG P0005868.JPG P0005869.JPG P0005870.JPG
P0005871.JPG P0005872.JPG P0005873.JPG P0005874.JPG P0005875.JPG
Pretty windy...
P0005876.JPG P0005877.JPG
At the top of the dune
P0005878.JPG P0005879.JPG P0005880.JPG
P0005881.JPG P0005882.JPG P0005883.JPG
Storm coming in
P0005884.JPG P0005885.JPG
P0005886.JPG P0005887.JPG
Just chillin'
P0005888.JPG P0005889.JPG P0005890.JPG
P0005891.JPG P0005892.JPG P0005893.JPG P0005894.JPG P0005895.JPG
P0005896.JPG P0005897.JPG P0005898.JPG P0005899.JPG
Headed down the hill
P0005901.JPG P0005902.JPG P0005903.JPG P0005904.JPG
Big Pete's tonka truck
Big Pete's truck
P0005906.JPG P0005907.JPG
Big Pete's truck
P0005908.jpg P0005909.jpg P0005910.JPG
More surfin'
P0005911.JPG P0005912.JPG P0005913.JPG
Big Pete's truck
P0005914.JPG P0005915.JPG
P0005916.JPG P0005917.JPG P0005918.JPG P0005919.JPG P0005920.JPG
P0005921.JPG P0005922.JPG P0005923.JPG P0005924.JPG P0005925.JPG
The Monster Bus!
The bus
P0005928.JPG P0005929.JPG
The bus and Pommie Pete
The bus and child
P0005931.JPG P0005932.JPG
The bus and Pommie Pete
P0005933.JPG P0005934.JPG
The bus
P0005936.JPG P0005937.JPG
The bus
P0005938.JPG P0005939.JPG
Back on the beach in the afternoon
P0005941.JPG P0005942.JPG P0005943.JPG P0005944.JPG P0005945.JPG
Big Pete and Styx
P0005949.JPG P0005950.JPG
P0005951.JPG P0005952.JPG P0005953.JPG P0005954.JPG P0005955.JPG
And stay there!
P0005956.JPG P0005957.JPG P0005958.JPG P0005959.JPG P0005960.JPG
P0005961.JPG P0005962.JPG P0005963.JPG P0005964.JPG
Sofia and Styx
P0005966.JPG P0005967.JPG
Saturday - smoke from a fire blocks the sun
Sun block
P0005969.JPG P0005970.JPG
The fire - north of Lancelin
P0005971.jpg P0005972.JPG P0005973.JPG P0005974.JPG P0005975.JPG
P0005976.JPG P0005977.JPG
The cars at the bakery
P0005978.JPG P0005979.JPG
The crew at the bakery
Hi, Sofia!
Down by the Moore River
P0005982.JPG P0005983.JPG P0005984.JPG P0005985.JPG
Climbing up the hill from the river
Climbing out of the valley
P0005988.JPG P0005989.JPG P0005990.JPG
P0005991.JPG P0005992.JPG
Climbing out of the valley
P0005993.JPG P0005994.JPG P0005995.JPG
Climbing out of the valley
Crossing the Moore River
Small river crossing - Froggy
P0005998.JPG P0005999.JPG P0006000.JPG
Small river crossing - Fish
P0006001.JPG P0006002.JPG P0006003.JPG
Small river crossing - CanTeen
Small river crossing - German Pete
Small river crossing - backwards?