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July Powerlines Run   
July 23, 2011

July Powerlines Run

I hadn't been out in a long time - Macca posted a trip so out we went into the hills for a slippery afternoon. Only took a couple of photos and a few videos as there was only three of us.

It was very slippery out there

And it was also slippery up the hill

Brad gets a little hung up

But McGyver makes it look easy

Brad having a hard time getting over a big rock in the pit

McGyver similarly so - hanging up on the fuel tank

But he doesn't give up easily

McGyver taking the hard line and his steering damper suffering

Fog in the valley
Finished airing down
Unsurprisingly, someone stuck
DSC01262.JPG DSC01264.JPG
A little ways further down the track
DSC01265.JPG DSC01266.JPG
At the end of the day, McGyver stuck on his belly
But he was trying to take the really hard line