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Powerlines - 22 July, 2007   

Powerlines Trip

Hemijeepy from AusJeepOffRoad arranged a Sunday trip up the powerlines so I decided to join him. Met up with Dave and Willow as well as met Murray at the start but he couldn't come along...

I had a go at the first obstacle. I had been up it on the previous powerlines trip but this time I bellied the car out. Lockers didn't help but I gave it a good go. ;-) Got the car nice and dirty...

We got to the next downhill a little while later. It was just a little too severe to tackle in the slippery conditions.

Everyone took the easy way except me at the next obstacle and (predictably) I got stuck again. At the next climb there was a Suzuki having some difficulty. After watching for a while he got out of the way, we went up and Willow pulled the Suzi up the rest of the way.

At the end of the track were a few puddles so we had a bit of a play...

I had a few breakages - both rear mudflaps came off and so did the front air dam. No big deal - they were both plastic and bound to come off at any rate. Also dented the rear bumper a bit but that will get taken care of when I get a rear bar...
IMG_6430.jpg IMG_6431.jpg IMG_6432.jpg IMG_6433.jpg
Dave nearly losing his number plate
IMG_6435.jpg IMG_6436.jpg IMG_6437.jpg IMG_6438.jpg IMG_6439.jpg
IMG_6440.jpg IMG_6441.jpg IMG_6442.jpg IMG_6443.jpg IMG_6444.jpg
IMG_6445.jpg IMG_6446.jpg IMG_6447.jpg IMG_6448.jpg
Another group on the next climb over from us
Hemijeepy on the way up
IMG_6450.jpg IMG_6451.jpg
Dave coming up as well
The aftermath
IMG_6455.jpg IMG_6456.jpg