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Powerlines Track   
December 20, 2008

Powerlines Trip

Again, off to the powerlines. I hadn't been out in quit some time so it isn't like this is a monthly destination or anything. This time our main purpose was to let Jim test out his new Discovery 3. I let Gerry drive the Jeep most of the way so I could jump out and take (some) photos and (mostly) videos. There are lots of videos on this page so it make take a while to load... The first climb was relatively easy - a few ruts to contend with...

Jim showing the Disco's traction control

Next up was a small water crossing on the main Powerlines track.

A few videos of the group going through some easy ruts

On the other side of the descent a very short but rutted climb. There was a rock about halfway up that made things slightly tricky if you weren't carrying enough momentum.

And there was a bigger hole just past the climb...

A little further on there is a challening descent - a large rut in the middle that you really don't want to slip into. It requires a fair amount of control and trust in the person guiding you down becaue you can't see where the hill goes. Luckily it wasn't slippery - in the wet this can be treachorous.

Gerry brings the Jeep down the hill

Jim showing no fear

After that is a small bowl to play in. There are easy ways out, harder ways out and then there is the really difficult bit...

Jim takes the difficult line and has a bit of a scrape

Is there anything a V8 can't solve?

We think this is where the aux fuel tank sprung a leak. Whoops. Further on is a tricky party of the track - big holes with a big rock on one side that you don't want to slide into.

Sparky showing how his traction control works and doing a sidestep in at the same time

Finally, a climb up the fenceline. Gerry took the hard line (to the right of where the videos go) but the left-hand side is more comforting when you're looking up the hill.

The boys in the Surf choose a good line

Thanks to everyone for coming out - I had a good time even though it wasn't too tricky out there...
DSC01806.JPG DSC01731.JPG
Airing down at the start
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