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Powerlines Track with Laz   
May 10, 2008

Powerlines Trip

Laz invited everyone out for a run down the powerlines so I grabbed Gerry (and the Jeep with the newly installed OME lift kit) and we headed off. Things were kind of quiet at the beginning but after lunch it got better... After wandering around for a while (and visiting the lane of sacrificed teddy bears) we had some lunch and hit the end of the powerline track. Some fun was had...

MacGyver in the mud

Laz in the mud

Once we were finished there we continued along the track and found the usual climb along the fenceline. Everyone who attempted the climb made it up - despite the overnight rain it was dry and relatively easy to climb.

MacGyver climbing the fenceline

MacGyver still climbing the fenceline

Me doing the fenceline

Badger descending the fenceline

Laz descending the fenceline

Screech descending the fenceline

Tonka (?) descending the fenceline

At our next location, MacGyver headed down the slope

MacGyver headed back up the same slope

Badger going up the slope as well

Goughie going down the hill

I go down the hill too

Some photos from the next climb down.

Badger bouncing down a hill

And then onto the usual playground. Again, being quite dry it was pretty easy.

Screech having a play

Laz showing how it is done

Badger giving it a go

Sparky making sure the SWB gets a showing

The Paj having a go

Slates making it look too easy

All up, a good day. Thanks to Laz for doing the organising bit...
At the start in Midland
DSC01506.JPG DSC01507.JPG
The first victim
DSC01508.JPG DSC01509.JPG
DSC01511.JPG DSC01513.JPG
Other people...
DSC01514.JPG DSC01515.JPG
More other people...
And more other people...
DSC01518.JPG DSC01519.JPG DSC01520.JPG DSC01521.JPG DSC01522.JPG
DSC01523.JPG DSC01524.JPG DSC01525.JPG DSC01526.JPG DSC01527.JPG
DSC01528.JPG DSC01529.JPG DSC01530.JPG DSC01540.JPG DSC01543.JPG
Poser shots - lots of suspension travel left
DSC01544.JPG DSC01545.JPG DSC01546.JPG DSC01549.JPG DSC01550.JPG
Getting some flex from the Hilux
DSC01551.JPG DSC01552.JPG DSC01554.JPG DSC01555.JPG DSC01557.JPG
DSC01558.JPG DSC01561.JPG DSC01562.JPG DSC01563.JPG
Nearly rolled it here!