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Afternoon Powerlines Run   
July 17, 2010

Afternoon Powerlines Run

With a bit of pressure from everyone, we decided to head out to the powerline track again. It had been raining for most of the week so it was quite slipperly - all the better for more fun! We started from the western end of the track - Scam joined us after (and I quote) "busting a gut to get there" - he took up the tail end.

A bit later on we came across McGyver (our mystery guest) - he had been recovering a few people stuck on a tricky part of the track. In the photos below, the area Macca is winching from used to be the "chicken track" around this part - now very slippery. The Hilux at the bottom of frame needed some serious recovery.

Just after this, Scam's Pajero threw a belt because the main pulley came off the engine (!). This put an end to his day. Macca and I towed/braked him down the hill to the next road and with his permission, we left him to fix his car. We checked in on the way back and he had fixed it up and was headed home.

My brakes were quite toasty after this

A little later on, we came across a small hole to play in. I didn't make it through but did manage to put the car in a good posing shot. Photos will come from elsewhere for this because we were stuck in the car. But McGyver had a go so you can imagine... Gerry's comment was "I'd get out and take a photo but I can't open the door".

Slowly does it

More water followed...

A few of our participants exited at this point - Jim, McGyver and I continued on to have a bit of a play. Sorry about the video jerkiness here - I was walking around while videoing. Having said that, the picture quality from the Flip is pretty darn good for the size of the camera.

Note Jim's missing number plate...

We needed to know how deep the water was

Not too deep after all

Much tricker than it looks - no visibility from the driver's seat at all

This is considerably risky

A good call from Jim not to head down - would have sliced the Disco open like a can opener

Thanks to Gerry for videoing while I was driving and driving while I was taking video.
Airing down
Airing down
DSC00184.JPG DSC00274.JPG DSC00185.JPG
Somewhat ovoid
DSC00275.JPG DSC00186.JPG
I'd already attacked it with the grinder after a previous incident
A view down the track from the water tanks
Laz coming down the same obstacle
First rocky climb
DSC00188.JPG DSC00278.JPG
Jim in the Disco - going wherever road tyres and traction control will take him
DSC00189.JPG DSC00279.JPG DSC00190.JPG
DSC00280.JPG DSC00191.JPG DSC00281.JPG
DSC00192.JPG DSC00282.JPG
DSC00193.JPG DSC00283.JPG DSC00195.JPG
The view from inside the bowl
DSC00284.JPG DSC00196.JPG
DSC00199.JPG DSC00286.JPG
Karen and Barrie
DSC00200.JPG DSC00287.JPG
DSC00288.JPG DSC00289.JPG
First water crossing
DSC00290.JPG DSC00291.JPG DSC00292.JPG
DSC00293.JPG DSC00294.JPG
Watch out for that number plate!
DSC00295.JPG DSC00296.JPG DSC00297.JPG
DSC00298.JPG DSC00299.JPG DSC00300.JPG
Macca doing it easy
Macca up the hard part of the track
Someone doing it hard up the slippery bit
DSC00306.JPG DSC00307.JPG DSC00308.JPG
Scam taking the easy way out
Steve following
Jim taking up some of the challenge
DSC00313.JPG DSC00314.JPG
And making it!
Karen and Barrie up the easy way
DSC00317.JPG DSC00318.JPG DSC00319.JPG
Macca into some more water...
And out again
The entry
DSC00322.JPG DSC00323.JPG DSC00324.JPG
We didn't get any further either
Backing out
DSC00327.JPG DSC00328.JPG
The aftermath
DSC00330.JPG DSC00331.JPG
The line of mud shows the height and angle