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4WD Training - Wilbinga   
November 18, 2007

4WD Training in the Wilbinga Dunes

Geoff Couper (aka Froggy to those in the know) from Ultimate 4WD Training invited me along on his sand training course. I had recommended Froggy to Debbie (otherwise know as Mischif on the Jeep forum) - she was there today with a bunch of other great people including some tourists from Holland who had just purchased a HJ60 four days ago to go touring. Laz and Bronky from WC4x4 were also assisting. It was great to catch up with Bronky and also to finally meet Laz. Anyway, we met up at the Tenth Light Horse and proceeded from there. No more commentary from me - just some pictures and various videos. Everyone on the course tried just about every challenge with gusto. It was a great day out.
Gathering and briefing
DSC01257.JPG DSC01258.JPG DSC01259.JPG DSC01260.JPG
Airing down near Wilbinga
DSC01261.JPG DSC01262.JPG DSC01263.JPG
First climb
DSC01264.JPG DSC01265.JPG
DSC01266.JPG DSC01267.JPG DSC01268.JPG DSC01269.JPG DSC01270.JPG
DSC01271.JPG DSC01272.JPG DSC01273.JPG DSC01274.JPG DSC01275.JPG
Gratuitous Jeep photo
Bronky in the sand bowl
DSC01277.JPG DSC01278.JPG DSC01279.JPG DSC01280.JPG
Laz's beast
More Jeep photos
DSC01282.JPG DSC01283.JPG DSC01284.JPG
DSC01286.JPG DSC01287.JPG DSC01288.JPG DSC01289.JPG
BMW X5 on the prowl
Vitari trying very hard
DSC01292.JPG DSC01293.JPG DSC01297.JPG
At the next climb
DSC01299.JPG DSC01300.JPG
Didn't quite make it the first time
DSC01304.JPG DSC01306.JPG DSC01307.JPG
First steep descent
DSC01308.JPG DSC01310.JPG DSC01311.JPG DSC01312.JPG DSC01313.JPG
Not one of our group - note the rear wheel in the air - oops - Froggy kept training while Laz and I did the recovery
Next climb - nearly there!