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CanTeen 2007   

West Coast 4x4 CanTeen trip for 2007

A quick synopsis of the trip: Pick up the CanTeen crew in Wanneroo on Friday night; drive to Lancelin and drop them off; day trip to Wedge on Saturday; WC4x4 crew mess around by themselves on Sunday; pick up the CanTeen crew in Lancelin and head back to Perth.

This was my new Jeep's first trip and I had ball. More photos from the WC4x4 crew are here.

We had a quick hack on the beach on Friday night after dropping the CanTeen crew off. These pictures are from the morning after the night before...

We picked up the CanTeen crew and headed for Wedge. Froggy got us lost (again - we weren't surprised) but we had fun along the way.

Once at Wedge we wasted no time playing on the dunes. First up was a long session climbing a steep dune. On the way to lunch we had a tricky little traverse - Sparky did an awesome recovery (that we all missed on video - damn!) where the back end of his car was in the air. While most of us were exiting, a recovery was underway on the top of the previous dune.

The two cars involved had rated recovery points and one of those points snapped. Luckily, no-one was injured but it just goes to show that even with the right equipment in the right environment being used in the right way - accidents can still happen.

After the activities it was time to have lunch on the beach. After lunch we headed back towards Lancelin. Amazingly, we made it back early so we used the opportunity to play on the dunes near Lancelin.

Next morning we took it pretty easy. Short trips to the bakery, packing up and off to the beach! As it happens the beach was pretty boggy.

Froggy got stuck first but was snatched out. But then it got harder... At this point the high tide was in and the beach was somewhat under water and very mushy. Froggy decided to push forward and just pushed a little too much...

No photos here but much effort went into digging Froggy out getting him on his way and then also digging Radar out so he could follow. Everyone got wet (as the waves came up to the cars) but it all went well.

After this, the rest of us turned around (with some difficulty) and headed back. Because we still had some time up our sleeves we went back to the dunes!

And finally, because we were early picking up the CanTeen crew (for once) we scooted down to the beach for a bit of a yarn. I had a great time - thanks for everyone for being there and also thanks to the CanTeen crew for letting us come out to play!

There are some scratches in my new Jeep (some which probably won't come out) but the car is designed to be used! And it got used this weekend...
One of many Patrols
Jeep again
Forest of 4WDs
And some more
Cars parked across the road so...
...Robbo could get some work done
Another gratuitous Jeep shot
Morning tea stop...
...on the new (being built)...
...road to Cervantes
Bigger than it looks...
IMG_6182.jpg IMG_6183.jpg
Happy passengers
Note the sand on the bonnet!
There is a double dip there
IMG_6193.jpg IMG_6194.jpg
Ugboot still with sand on the bonnet
IMG_6196.jpg IMG_6197.jpg IMG_6198.jpg
Sparky to the rescue
IMG_6201.jpg IMG_6202.jpg IMG_6203.jpg IMG_6204.jpg
IMG_6206.jpg IMG_6207.jpg
Broken recovery point - see below
IMG_6208.jpg IMG_6209.jpg IMG_6210.jpg
IMG_6211.jpg IMG_6212.jpg
The island in the background
IMG_6213.jpg IMG_6214.jpg IMG_6215.jpg
Group photo opportunity
IMG_6217.jpg IMG_6218.jpg IMG_6219.jpg IMG_6220.jpg
IMG_6221.jpg IMG_6222.jpg IMG_6223.jpg IMG_6224.jpg
Another recovery
IMG_6226.jpg IMG_6227.jpg
Pluto's number plate needed ironing
IMG_6228.jpg IMG_6229.jpg IMG_6230.jpg
IMG_6231.jpg IMG_6232.jpg IMG_6233.jpg IMG_6234.jpg IMG_6235.jpg
IMG_6236.jpg IMG_6237.jpg
Airing down
Crappy photo of tire patterns in the sand
Better photo of tire patterns in the sand
Surfers having a hard time
Soggy sand...
IMG_6242.jpg IMG_6243.jpg
The first hard bit
IMG_6244.jpg IMG_6245.jpg
IMG_6246.jpg IMG_6247.jpg IMG_6248.jpg IMG_6249.jpg IMG_6250.jpg
Froggy at the next hard bit
Random photo - sand patterns
IMG_6252.jpg IMG_6253.jpg IMG_6254.jpg IMG_6255.jpg
IMG_6256.jpg IMG_6257.jpg IMG_6258.jpg IMG_6259.jpg IMG_6260.jpg
IMG_6261.jpg IMG_6262.jpg IMG_6263.jpg IMG_6264.jpg
Afternoon tea time
IMG_6266.jpg IMG_6267.jpg IMG_6268.jpg IMG_6269.jpg IMG_6270.jpg
Recovery required...
IMG_6272.jpg IMG_6273.jpg IMG_6274.jpg