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CanTeen 2008 - Pemberton   
June 20, 2008

CanTeen 2008

Yet another excellently organised CanTeen trip - this time down to Pemberton. My thanks to Froggy (and the rest of the WC4x4 crew) for our side of the organising and to Renee at CanTeen. We drove down on Friday night, got up on a very chilly Saturday morning and then picked up the CanTeen crew. Some blurry photos from our accomodation: On our way to pick up everyone I stoped to take a snap of the valley... We wandered through the forest for a while - eventually ending up at the Centennial Tree. While CanTeen did some group exercises, Pluto and I climbed the tree. A bit more of a wander through the forest followed by a crossing of the Warren River. Some of these photos are a bit blurry because of the low light conditions...

Bushy crossing the river

Slates crossing the river

Lunch was next - Screech and Froggy had found a nice lake to have lunch by. Very pretty. After this we heeded down to Calcup to play on the beach and in the dunes.
DSC01621.JPG DSC01622.JPG DSC01623.JPG DSC01624.JPG DSC01625.JPG
DSC01626.JPG DSC01627.JPG DSC01628.JPG DSC01629.JPG DSC01630.JPG
DSC01631.JPG DSC01632.JPG DSC01633.JPG
The climb
From a third of the way up
Above the forest canopy
DSC01636.JPG DSC01637.JPG DSC01638.JPG
The view from the top looking down
DSC01639.JPG DSC01640.JPG
Pluto on his way down
DSC01641.JPG DSC01642.JPG DSC01643.JPG DSC01644.JPG DSC01645.JPG
DSC01646.JPG DSC01647.JPG DSC01648.JPG DSC01649.JPG DSC01650.JPG
DSC01651.JPG DSC01652.JPG DSC01653.JPG DSC01654.JPG DSC01655.JPG
DSC01656.JPG DSC01657.JPG DSC01658.JPG DSC01659.JPG DSC01660.JPG
DSC01661.JPG DSC01662.JPG DSC01663.JPG DSC01666.JPG DSC01667.JPG
DSC01668.JPG DSC01669.JPG DSC01670.JPG DSC01671.JPG DSC01672.JPG
DSC01673.JPG DSC01674.JPG DSC01675.JPG DSC01676.JPG DSC01677.JPG
DSC01678.JPG DSC01679.JPG DSC01680.JPG DSC01681.JPG DSC01682.JPG