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CanTeen Trip 2009   
May 2, 2009

CanTeen Trip 2009

This year we just had a day trip for the CanTeen crew - Froggy took us out to Wilbinga and we had a bit of play in the dunes.

No dramas this year - we had one tyre roll off a rim but luckily not during a turn - Ozzie just hit a bit of a ridge and the tyre popped off. Of interest were the other idiots out there.

One guy in an older Jeep Cherokee was trying to climb a dune that had a bit of a sharp angle of entry to it at the bottom. He hit it at speed, bashed in the front, bottom part of his car and set the airbags off to boot. Nice work...

On the track into Wilbinga

Froggy's first attempt at climbing out of the bowl

Captain powering out of the bowl

Sparky not stopping as he climbs out

Paddy climbing out of the bowl

Pera in the bowl

Screech has one attempt....

And then makes it out

Goughie does it on the first try

But Tank doesn't

Bluey making the bowl look like a paved highway

Tank's second go at the climb

Ozzie showing how you should do it

Froggy finally doing it right

Glen (I think) on his first attempt

Once is not enough for Bluey

Glen makes it to the top

MacGyver's go

Paddy playing in the dunes

A random hill climb - too many white cars to figure out who it was and then HELLO MACCA!

Ozzie hits the rev limiter on a climb

Sparky does it easily

Captain does it almost without a run-up

And so does Fish

Paddy doesn't *quite* make it up

A random 100 series makes it up

Pera does it without any hassles at all

Tank makes the climb

Bluey has no hassles

Bluey climbing the final hill

Tazzie climbing the final haill

At the start, loading gear
DSC01915.JPG DSC01916.JPG
Drivers gathering
DSC01917.JPG DSC01918.JPG
CanTeen gathering
DSC01919.JPG DSC01920.JPG DSC01921.JPG DSC01922.JPG DSC01923.JPG
First stop - last civilised comfort stop before the dunes
DSC01924.JPG DSC01925.JPG DSC01926.JPG
Airing down
DSC01927.JPG DSC01928.JPG
Over-the-shoulder shot as we're going into Wilbinga
In the Wilbinga bowl - much fun was had
DSC01940.JPG DSC01941.JPG DSC01948.JPG
DSC01949.JPG DSC01952.JPG
Just after rolling the front passenger tyre off the rim
DSC01953.JPG DSC01956.JPG
Poser shot
DSC01958.JPG DSC01959.JPG DSC01960.JPG DSC01961.JPG DSC01962.JPG
DSC01963.JPG DSC01964.JPG DSC01965.JPG DSC01966.JPG DSC01967.JPG
More playtime in the dunes
DSC01971.JPG DSC01972.JPG DSC01978.JPG DSC01983.JPG
DSC01984.JPG DSC01985.JPG DSC01986.JPG DSC01987.JPG
Mirror shot
DSC01992.JPG DSC01994.JPG DSC01995.JPG
Last stop on the way home