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Pinjar Night Exploration   
March 23, 2003
Not a lot of photos - quite a few in the dark which doesn't help.
P0006015.JPG P0006016.JPG P0006017.JPG P0006018.JPG P0006019.JPG
P0006020.JPG P0006021.JPG P0006022.JPG P0006023.JPG
P0006025.JPG P0006026.JPG P0006027.JPG
In the dark - not helpful.
P0006028.JPG P0006029.JPG
P0006030.JPG P0006031.JPG P0006032.JPG P0006033.JPG P0006034.JPG
P0006035.JPG P0006036.JPG
A terrible shot of the moon