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Night Navigation Exercise   
October 20, 2002
The Nissan Owners Club ran a night nav exercise in the hills and swampy areas near York. Many people turned up - I forgot to count (but it was their trip anyway) but the following members from West Cost 4x4 were there: Other people that I know and are probably members of the clubs present were also there: Plus lots of others - too many to count... A PathFinder, a Troopy with a 6.something litre diesel, etc.

Day One - The Night Nav

First job was to register and set up camp. Some of the West Coaster's had met on the top of Greenmount Hill - the rest were following a bit behind. A sausage sizzle was put on by our hosts - much BBQ'd food and other refreshments were enjoyed by all before heading off in pairs to do the navigation exercise.

Basically, there were two courses and a general-knowledge quiz to complete. I have no idea who won or even what the criteria were - that wasn't really the point of it.

Some of the participants got lost about 600m from the start line and ended up in a large muddy area (more on that below). Others were supposed to be following night nav experts but got lost on the main road.

All in all, a good course taking a couple of hours to complete even at the (almost) reckless speeds some of us were traveling at.

Back at camp once the driving was over, more food and merriment was had before heading off to bed.

Day Two - The Mud

After much urging by Gadget (who wanted to be up and playing ASAP) the rest of us dragged ourselves up, packed, consumed conscious-producing liquids and headed off to the mud pit just down the road. Before heading off, we found a visitor that had spent the night under Andy & Anne's tent. The mud area consisted of lots of deep holes and some other slippery stuff. Gadget fastened a tarp on the front of his car and headed in. He was followed by the V8 diesel-powered troopy and they went off across the tundra. After the trailblazers had gone through, the rest had a go. Those without larger tyres or difflocks had a harder time, except in the main channel which was relatively shallow and easy for everyone. I got stuck when I ran out of wheel height and had the axles sitting on the ground. Froggy had much the same thing happen but also was having problems with water in his EFI system. Other recoveries were required with Gadget doing a lot of the work . At this point we divided into two groups - some were headed home at that point while the rest of us headed off to Talbot Rd to revisit Big Pete's playpen.

When we got there, Andy went straight in and straight down - the ruts were just a bit too deep for the indendent front-end on the Feroza. Gadget drove around the downed Feroza and headed deeper into the playpen. He was driving through a part we had previously been through with relative ease but obviously someone else had been through with larger tyres and cut it up a little since then. The going was tough (to the point of Gadget getting stuck). The recovery requiring two vehicles strapped together to provide a large enough anchor for Gadget to winch himself out. There was a small track just beside the one Gadget got stuck on. It looked pretty firm (and felt that way on foot) on the bottom but it wasn't. I found out the hard way but Gadget did manage to make it through from the other direction, but did require both diff-locks in and the audio from the video file of the event makes it sound like he is trying very hard. After this, we had a quick look over the other side of Talbot Rd but then headed off home due to pressing social engagements. But, we will return.

Thanks heaps to the Nissan club for arranging the weekend - I had a blast and I know that sentiment is shared by others.
The camping area
P0005211.JPG P0005212.JPG P0005213.JPG P0005214.JPG
More campers
P0005215.JPG P0005216.JPG
Egad! This spent the night under Andy & Anne's tent!
P0005218.JPG P0005219.JPG
A mud play area near the camping spot
P0005221.JPG P0005222.JPG P0005223.JPG P0005224.JPG
Gadget doing his thing
P0005226.JPG P0005227.JPG P0005228.JPG
Gadget headed off
Troopy in pursuit
P0005231.JPG P0005232.JPG P0005233.JPG P0005234.JPG
P0005235.JPG P0005236.JPG P0005237.JPG
Gadget on the way back
P0005238.JPG P0005239.JPG
Gadget on the way back
P0005240.JPG P0005241.JPG
Gadget almost out
P0005242.JPG P0005243.JPG P0005244.JPG
Troopy almost out
P0005246.JPG P0005247.JPG
P0005248.JPG P0005249.JPG
P0005250.JPG P0005251.JPG
P0005252.JPG P0005253.JPG P0005254.JPG
P0005256.JPG P0005257.JPG P0005258.JPG P0005259.JPG
Giving it a go
P0005261.JPG P0005262.JPG P0005264.JPG P0005265.JPG
Just going through
P0005266.JPG P0005267.JPG P0005268.JPG
Gadget at high speed
P0005269.JPG P0005270.JPG
P0005271.JPG P0005272.JPG P0005273.JPG P0005274.JPG P0005275.JPG
Troopy going faster
P0005277.JPG P0005278.JPG P0005279.JPG
Froggy having a second go
P0005281.JPG P0005282.JPG P0005283.JPG P0005284.JPG P0005285.JPG
GU having a good attempt
P0005286.JPG P0005287.JPG P0005288.JPG P0005289.JPG P0005290.JPG
P0005291.JPG P0005292.JPG P0005293.JPG P0005294.JPG
Being recovered by Gadget
P0005296.JPG P0005297.JPG P0005298.JPG P0005299.JPG
In Big Pete's playpen just off Talbot Rd
Nice effort from Andy
First victim
P0005303.JPG P0005304.JPG
First victim
Gadget going for a wander
P0005306.JPG P0005307.JPG P0005308.JPG P0005309.JPG
Better effort from Gadget
Excellent effort
The recovery
P0005312.JPG P0005313.JPG P0005314.JPG P0005315.JPG
P0005316.JPG P0005317.JPG P0005318.JPG
Not a bad effort from me
Down and out
Gadget coming through
P0005322.JPG P0005323.JPG
Gadget coming through
Gadget coming through
Back at The Lakes Roadhouse
P0005327.JPG P0005328.JPG P0005329.JPG P0005330.JPG
P0005331.JPG P0005332.JPG P0005333.JPG