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York to Mundaring   
June 17, 2001
Three cars travel along the powerline track from York to Mundaring.

Using some trip notes that Dennis supplied, we started at the Mt Observation picnic area and worked our way back through the bush to the power line track. The weather was fantastic and we had three participants: The plan was to check out how much mud was around as the track cris-crossed the river at different points. Unfortunantely, the rains hadn't made that much difference, but we had fun anyway.

Here are our contenders for the day. Because of the lack of mud, we didn't stop too many times. But, we did find a nice gully to climb through which will be very challenging in the wet. There's also some extra bits of track to do after that which will be even harder, methinks.

Skip decided to go first, but only because the rest of us weren't quick enough off the mark. Next we travelled to the powerline track. We checked out the swamp where Stuart and I got stuck ages ago. It was completely dry although the wheel tracks of our previous encounter were still visible.

After this, we had lunch and kept along the track until we found the spring where Stuart got seriously stuck on the other trip. For some reason, I volunteered to go into the hole, but not before attaching Skip's old snatch strap to the back - I didn't want to get my new one dirty, anyway.

As with Stuart, getting through was an issue even though I didn't stall it. My guess is the the wheel ruts in the water are so deep that the axles are resting on the ground. As it was, the water was over the side-steps but not up to the door seals.

Recovery was easy, but Dennis didn't seem eager to make an attempt, even though he has a locker in the rear. Something to do with the wrath of a female, I think. At the end of the day, Dennis' car didn't look like he was trying at all, Skip definitely had some mud but I spent a considerable period of time getting the Cruiser clean. That was the end of the day, but overall very enjoyable even though we'll need to return to fully get into the mud works.
First_stop_3.jpg Gully_1.jpg Gully_10.jpg
So does Dennis.
Gully_12.jpg Gully_2.jpg
Steeper than it looks.
Gully_3.jpg Gully_4.jpg
Gully_5.jpg Gully_6.jpg Gully_7.jpg
And back again.
Gully_8.jpg Gully_9.jpg
Brettski has a go.
Lunch_1.jpg Lunch_2.jpg Mud_hole_1.jpg
The hole.
Recovery in progress.
Backwards is the go.
Mud_hole_12.jpg Mud_hole_2.jpg Mud_hole_3.jpg
Skip testing the depth.
In we go!
Of course, there is no chance of me getting out of here on my own
Mud_hole_6.jpg Mud_hole_7.jpg Mud_hole_8.jpg Mud_hole_9.jpg Ranges_1.jpg
Ranges_2.jpg Ranges_3.jpg Ranges_4.jpg Ranges_5.jpg Ranges_6.jpg
The end.
The_end_2.jpg The_end_3.jpg The_end_4.jpg
The end.
The_end_6.jpg The_end_7.jpg The_end_8.jpg The_end_9.jpg
The end.