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Maverick's 4WD Monthly photo shoot   
September 3, 2005
John and I accompany Maverick on his 4WD Monthly photo shoot in Mundaring.
EX000001.JPG EX000002.JPG
Need more travel on the front end!
P0007425.JPG P0007426.JPG P0007427.JPG
John's 40 series
CV hill
P0007429.JPG P0007430.JPG P0007431.JPG P0007432.JPG
Making it look easy...
P0007433.JPG P0007434.JPG P0007435.JPG P0007436.JPG P0007437.JPG
P0007438.JPG P0007439.JPG P0007440.JPG
Rick hard at work
Now he's just showing off
P0007443.JPG P0007444.JPG
Oops - that's a big rock
P0007445.JPG P0007446.JPG P0007447.JPG
P0007448.JPG P0007449.JPG
Messing around on the way down
P0007450.JPG P0007451.JPG P0007452.JPG
40 series rule! ;-)
The next hill over...
P0007454.JPG P0007455.JPG P0007456.JPG P0007457.JPG
P0007458.JPG P0007459.JPG
Trying very hard to get a wheel in the air
P0007460.JPG P0007461.JPG P0007462.JPG
Now that's wheel travel!
P0007464.JPG P0007465.JPG P0007466.JPG P0007467.JPG
P0007468.JPG P0007469.JPG
Reach for the sky!
P0007470.JPG P0007471.JPG P0007472.JPG
Leaning waaaay over...
P0007473.JPG P0007474.JPG P0007475.JPG
John has a go at the hill
P0007476.JPG P0007477.JPG
A bit of wheel travel from the leaf springs
P0007479.JPG P0007480.JPG P0007481.JPG P0007482.JPG
P0007483.JPG P0007484.JPG P0007485.JPG P0007486.JPG
P0007488.JPG P0007489.JPG
On the way back down...