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Muchea and Dunes   
September 8, 2002
MacGyver takes us on a day trip through Muchea and on to the dunes north of Two Rocks.

This trip was billed as MacGyver's "mystery" trip - he didn't know where he was going to take us when he posted the trip. But, he eventually decided and it was a great day. We met at the Botanic Golf north of Wanneroo and headed off from there. Gadget was out for the first time in a long while after completing his V8 conversion. Our first stop was going to be the hill climb just out the back of the Muchea power station. Instead, we headed off into the bush to find "S-Bend Hill". This is a tricky climb that has two very soft spots and no place to pick up momentum due to the aforementioned bends. Everyone had a go at this with about half succeeding. Without diff-locks, the way to go was to jump off the track about a third of the way up to avoid the first soft spot so that your momentum was maintained. I took three goes to do this - tyre pressure also being a key factor. After this we headed off to the hill climbs behing the power station. There was already another 4WD club there but that didn't stop us having a good go at all four climbs. Gadget showed his contempt for one climb by going up backwards without his diff-locks engaged. I also got a few shots of the other club climbing the hills. Although the photos don't reflect it, a fair amount of wheel travel is necessary to get up unless you're really moving fast. Lunch followed and inexplicably (at this stage), Brendon's motor seized. So much so that when pull starting, dropping the clutch resulted in the real wheels just locking up. Very strange. Robbo towed him out to a convenient petrol station and met us on the highway to Lancelin.

From there we headed into Two Rocks and up into the dunes. Much fun was had with hill climbs and dune climbs. Robbo kept us amused with some unintentional airborne antics while the rest of the mere mortal 4WDers tried to climb hills. Afternoon tea followed and then a nice leisurely drive back to Perth via Yanchep.

All up, an excellent day. Thanks to MacGyver for doing the organising - I think everyone had a ball.
EX000001.JPG EX000002.JPG EX000003.JPG EX000004.JPG P0004710.JPG
P0004711.JPG P0004712.JPG P0004713.JPG P0004714.JPG
S-Bend hill.
P0004716.JPG P0004717.JPG P0004718.JPG P0004719.JPG P0004720.JPG
P0004721.JPG P0004722.JPG P0004723.JPG P0004724.JPG P0004725.JPG
P0004726.JPG P0004727.JPG P0004728.JPG P0004729.JPG P0004730.JPG
P0004731.JPG P0004732.JPG P0004733.JPG P0004734.JPG P0004735.JPG
P0004736.JPG P0004737.JPG P0004738.JPG
Muchea hill climbs.
P0004739.JPG P0004740.JPG
P0004741.JPG P0004742.JPG P0004743.JPG P0004744.JPG P0004745.JPG
P0004746.JPG P0004747.JPG P0004748.JPG P0004749.JPG P0004750.JPG
P0004751.JPG P0004752.JPG P0004753.JPG P0004754.JPG P0004755.JPG
P0004756.JPG P0004757.JPG P0004758.JPG P0004759.JPG P0004760.JPG
Another 4WD club.
P0004761.JPG P0004762.JPG P0004763.JPG P0004764.JPG P0004765.JPG
P0004766.JPG P0004767.JPG
MacGyver looking very happy.
P0004768.JPG P0004769.JPG P0004770.JPG
P0004771.JPG P0004772.JPG P0004773.JPG P0004774.JPG P0004775.JPG
P0004776.JPG P0004777.JPG P0004778.JPG P0004779.JPG P0004780.JPG
P0004781.JPG P0004782.JPG P0004783.JPG
The Niva didn't make it up the first go.
P0004784.JPG P0004785.JPG
P0004786.JPG P0004787.JPG
Yes, Elvis lives!
P0004788.JPG P0004789.JPG P0004790.JPG
P0004791.JPG P0004792.JPG P0004793.JPG P0004794.JPG
Yes, Gadget is going backwards up the hill.
P0004796.JPG P0004797.JPG P0004798.JPG P0004799.JPG P0004800.JPG
P0004801.JPG P0004802.JPG P0004803.JPG P0004804.JPG P0004805.JPG
P0004806.JPG P0004807.JPG P0004808.JPG
On the highway again.
P0004809.JPG P0004810.JPG
P0004811.JPG P0004812.JPG
North of Two Rocks.
P0004813.JPG P0004814.JPG P0004815.JPG
P0004816.JPG P0004817.JPG P0004818.JPG P0004819.JPG P0004820.JPG
P0004821.JPG P0004822.JPG P0004823.JPG P0004824.JPG P0004825.JPG
P0004826.JPG P0004827.JPG P0004828.JPG P0004829.JPG P0004830.JPG
P0004831.JPG P0004832.JPG P0004833.JPG P0004834.JPG P0004835.JPG
P0004836.JPG P0004837.JPG P0004838.JPG P0004839.JPG P0004840.JPG
P0004841.JPG P0004842.JPG P0004843.JPG P0004844.JPG P0004845.JPG
P0004846.JPG P0004847.JPG P0004848.JPG P0004849.JPG P0004850.JPG
P0004851.JPG P0004852.JPG P0004853.JPG P0004854.JPG P0004855.JPG
P0004856.JPG P0004857.JPG P0004858.JPG P0004859.JPG P0004860.JPG
P0004861.JPG P0004862.JPG P0004863.JPG P0004864.JPG P0004865.JPG
P0004866.JPG P0004867.JPG P0004868.JPG P0004869.JPG P0004870.JPG
P0004871.JPG P0004872.JPG P0004873.JPG P0004874.JPG P0004875.JPG
P0004876.JPG P0004878.JPG P0004879.JPG P0004880.JPG P0004881.JPG
P0004882.JPG P0004883.JPG P0004884.JPG P0004885.JPG P0004886.JPG
P0004887.JPG P0004888.JPG P0004889.JPG P0004890.JPG P0004891.JPG
P0004892.JPG P0004893.JPG P0004894.JPG P0004895.JPG P0004896.JPG
P0004898.JPG P0004899.JPG P0004900.JPG P0004901.JPG