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Muchea Mud   
June 3, 2002
Froggy leads us on a half-day trip through some mud and sand.

While Skip and some others did a long-weekend camping trip to Wedge, Froggy arranged a short hop around the sand and mud up near Muchea. We thought, seeing as it had been raining quite hard for a couple of days, that there would be plenty of mud. But, while we did find a bit the ground had soaked up a considerable amount of water. This was our starting bunch. We started just off of Pinjar Road and headed inland for a while. Then, just where we met up with the Brand Highway we headed back towards the coast and (finally!) off-road.

Our first challenge was a small mud-hole which was no big deal. But, it was followed immediately by a slightly larger hole. Froggy had a bit of a poke around and determined that it was much deeper on the right than on the left. So he and some others went on through on the left (more photos below). I decided (rather unwisely) to take a different track and ended up in a position that I needed recovery from. Check out this photo too. After this we headed off down some sand tracks - belatedly letting our tyres down when the going got a little tough. I decided to stay at around 25 PSI, having no idea how tough a couple of the hills were... Just before morning tea, we tackled a huge hill. Froggy went up like a missile and most others went up ok. Chris and I had a bit of trouble - eventually, after letting our tyres down (mine to 18 PSI) everything was cool. In the photo, it doesn't look too difficult but it is very boggy near the top and we started our runup way over in the distance. After consuming some morning tea, we headed off following Froggy. Apparently, this was a "discovery" trip which pretty much means we were following our noses. Or, in this case, Froggy's nose. We took a short stop to make some running repairs to the flares on Pep's Patrol. And finally, stopped just before getting back onto Wanneroo Road to pump our tyres back up again. While we were there, we heard Skip coming back down the road so him and Pommy Pete joined us for a bit of a chat before heading back into town. Overall, a fun half-day in the bush doing what the big boys do best... :-)
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Back in the garage at home
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