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Jim suggested that we spend the day in the sand so off to Lancelin we went with Mel and Julian in tow. It was a very windy day (as evidenced by the amount of sand blowing in the air and the sand I had left over in the car at the end) but a lot of fun was had. My camera filled up with sand halfway through the day and is now junk so no photos from the rest of the day...

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JOCWA Trackcare Day

I got a call from Froggy very late on Saturday asking if I could act as his chauffeur on Sunday. Seeing as I had screwed up the dates for Macca's mud run on Saturday, I agreed. The deal was that we would head down to Harvey to meet with JOCWA to talk about and see the track they are interesting in adopting on behalf of Track Car...
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Powerlines Cleanup

West Coast 4x4 is responsible for a section of the powerlines track from Mundaring to Flynn Rd. Today we were out picking up rubbish, dragging out wrecked car bodies and generally making sure the track was in good condition.

Screech descending a nice little hill

Brettski on the same hill with Scre...
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Charity Convoy for SIDS

This was being run by Western Patrol Club so we went along. No big story - we started in Joondalup and went down to the Motorplex in Kwinana.
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Overnight Camping at Lake Brockman

Anna and I decided to spend a Saturday night down at Lake Brockman with Ken, Judy, Roger and Robin. We drove down on Saturday morning after our de rigeur morning ride (80 kms through the Perth hills); spent the afternoon wandering through the Harvey hills; had a swim in the Logue Brook Dam; enjoyed some excellent company and got some good advice (thanks, Rodgebone, I'll keep it in mind!) over dinner on Saturday night and then returned to Perth on Sunday morning. W...
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Jeep Day in Harvey

The invitation was sent out so I went. Off to Harvey with the AusJeepOffRoad gang. Two Wrangler JKs (one diesel, and mine) and a bunch of modified Wrangler TJs. Fun stuff! Gerry came with me - and apart from getting whiplash bouncing over some ruts it was all good. ;-) Gathering in Harvey. First stop - top of Hitchhiker. We aired down and disconnected the appropriate linkages. Then we were off. K...
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Random Photos

A few photos of my Jeep when brand new. Finally - the ARB rear bar arrived. It came with a relocation bracket to put the rear number plate up out of the way. I followed some advice on AusJeepOffroad and made a do-it-myself grill for the Jeep. Doesn't look too bad. My AEV front bar arrived. Ben and I spent the day putting it on. Hard work. But worth it. Now, I need spotties and probably a winch. ...
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Jeep Fight Club

Rodgebone from AusJeepOffRoad decided that an event like "Jeep Fight Club" was in order. So, we gathered the troops and headed off to the powerlines. It was a pretty wet and wild day but lots of fun was had. Many pictures and videos below - my camera ran out of batteries about 3/4 of the way through. Gathering in Midland. Airing down near Sawyers Valley. Headed up the first climb. A short stop while trying to find Murray... Flex text! Off...
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A nice day out courtesy of Skip.
Posted: July 15, 2007 @ 00:00
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