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So here's the issue: I believe that Australia is not doing enough for genuine asylum seekers. We are (generally) treating them extremely badly and ignoring our humanitarian obligations. There's a lot more to that but let's just leave that there.

And yet we have this guy who came to Australia as an asylum seeker from Iran where his life was in danger and we granted him permission to stay. He then sends abusive letters to Australia soldiers and their families; is involved in the murder of his wife and is generally being a scumbag.

Now, I don't agree with being involved in our little overseas skirmishes to support the Americans - but I respect that it is a political decision and wholeheartedly support our military who go in harms way - they deserve that and they are doing their jobs and many die in service to the country.

So while I fully support asylum seekers coming to Australia in search of a better life - IMHO if they act like this guy (i.e. are not supportive of their now adopted nation) we should be revoking their permission to stay.

Saying that, I realise that he is a stunning minority. But people like this who do not respect their fellow human beings don't deserve human rights.
Posted: December 17, 2014 @ 01:08
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