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Powerlines Trip

Hendo asked if we could do some 4WDing with his new Vitara and I decided that a morning trip down the powerlines in the reverse direction was a good idea followed by lunch at the pub. So that's exactly what we did!

I still don't have recovery points so had to take it a bit easy and not try anything silly. ;-)

We gathered at the Caltex/Red Rooster and it rained on us. Kind of the story of the day...

Initially we headed East on the track to find a little play area with some water and mud. So, I did get a little braver and decided to try out my ramp-over angle.

Thanks to Slates for pulling me off the mound. At this point we stopped for morning tea. Couldn't find anyone brave enough to drive through the pond but Rooster put his tyres in for a bit of a feel. Random photos... After all that hard effort we went off to the Mundaring Weir Hotel for lunch and beers. Yum. Thanks to everything for coming along...
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