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Just a little too dusty...

Pluto phoned me a few months ago and asked where I'd like to go - somewhere we hadn't been - for a day trip. I thought that the Wandoo area was a good choice - we'd been through various parts of the terrain but it was worthwhile checking out some bits we hadn't seen before.

So, we sat down with OziExplorer and looked for some "interesting" terrain and planned the trip accordingly.

Today was the day. So, as usual, we met at the top of Greenmount Hill with an outstanding turnout. Off we went from there. We headed off Great Eastern Highway at Flynn Road and did a short stint on the powerline track. I selected high-range instead of low-range on the first hill of the day and predictably stalled the car. But a quick restart and correct gear selection fixed that problem... Next stop was Talbot Rd. We'd been here before but thought we'd just stop in and see what the conditions were like. Interestingly, the part I thought would still be boggy wasn't but the entry road was quite deep. I made it through the first hole easily but just got hung up in the second (damn those 31" tyres - upgrades soon...). Others made it look easy, but we spent considerable time recovering various people - some recoveries much more difficult than others... Lunch was next and then we took the altnerate route out of the Talbot Rd area. There was a mud pit too tempting for Gadget and Maverick so they had a bit of a play... We had a few other small issues exiting Talbot Rd, including me getting hung up on some dry land (!), Pluto getting stuck right at the end and some others we could hear on the radio... Next on the list was a short tour around the countryside checking out other likely contenders for campsites and so on. I had to leave at this point due to work commitments but you can find other photos at the links above covering the rest of the day.

Thanks to Pluto for doing all the organising and leading and thanks also to Froggy for taking my tail-end spot when it got just a little too dusty...
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