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interest in this one was huge. Excellent...

West Coast 4x4 and the Nissan 4WD Owners Club of WA ran a training day on the dunes near Lancelin for novice 4WD'ers. I personally think that everyone had a great day and for one, I had a fantastic time helping out.

I'm not going to list all the participants, even those from the club - just about everyone was there plus another 36 (at last count) cars who h...
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A very long day spent climbing hills and recovering vehicles in the forest around Dwellingup.

West Coast 4x4 decided to run another trip to Dwellingup to do some hill climbs, so I thought I'd tag along. A good group turned up at the Odin Tavern early on Sunday morning. Gadget was trip leader and we had eight cars in total - but can someone please mail me with any names I've missed. In any case, the contenders were:
  • Gadget (GQ Patrol g...
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Four vehicles find some very soft mud in a swamp near York.

Doogs kindly supplied the trip notes for a previous trip that trip that we did, so we thought we'd check it out after some rain.

We had four participants this time.
  • Skip (Holden Rodeo turbo diesel)
  • Leroy (4Runner petrol)
  • Adam (Prado petrol)
  • Brettski (40 Series LandCruiser petrol)
Our intrepid travellers for ...
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Eleven vehicles tackle the Moore River and a convenient mud hole. Almost everyone gets stuck.

After what looked like a very fun mud run previously, West Coast 4x4 invited us along to their next trip which was to try the same track again. Naturally, we accepted - after all you can't turn down a mud run for no good reason. You can find pictures of their previous trip here and...
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Three cars travel along the powerline track from York to Mundaring.

Using some trip notes that Dennis supplied, we started at the Mt Observation picnic area and worked our way back through the bush to the power line track. The weather was fantastic and we had three participants:
  • Dennis (80 Series LandCruiser diesel)
  • Skip (Holden Rodeo turbo diesl)
  • Brettski (40 Series LandCruiser petrol)
The plan was to che...
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We have some fun climb hills near Dwellingup.

We returned to Dwellingup with some more participans but this time everything was bone dry. Are attendess were as follows.
  • Dennis (80 Series LandCruiser diesel)
  • Rob (GU Nissan Patrol trayback diesel)
  • Stuart (Pajero)
  • Brettski (40 Series LandCruiser petrol)
Here are our travellers at the start of the day. Before we attempted any of...
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Two cars tackle some slippery stuff in the hills near Dwellingup.

We had a pretty small attendance this time, but we didn't let that dampen our enthusiasm in any way.
  • Dennis (80 Series LandCruiser diesel)
  • Brettski (40 Series LandCruiser petrol)
Not that we actually asked anyone else, either.

According to our original trip notes, this was supposed to be a pretty difficult drive. However, since then (and as per the revised notes) t...
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Pemberton Classic 2009

Anna and I have just got back from Pemberton where we participated in the Pemberton Classic.

Anna did the criterium race on the Saturday (she came 10th) while I had some beers and we both did the road race on Sunday - she came 7th out of 15 finishers and I came 13th out of 23 finishers in the C grade men's race. There was a fair rate of attrition ...
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West Coast 4x4 CanTeen trip for 2007

A quick synopsis of the trip: Pick up the CanTeen crew in Wanneroo on Friday night; drive to Lancelin and drop them off; day trip to Wedge on Saturday; WC4x4 crew mess around by themselves on Sunday; pick up the CanTeen crew in Lancelin and head back to Perth.

This was my new Jeep's first trip and I had ball. More photos from the WC4x4 crew are here.

We had a quick hack on the be...
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Powerlines Trip

Hemijeepy from AusJeepOffRoad arranged a Sunday trip up the powerlines so I decided to join him. Met up with Dave and Willow as well as met Murray at the start but he couldn't come along...

I had a go at the first obstacle. I had been up it on the previous powerlines trip but this time I bellied the car out. Lockers didn't help but I gave it a good go. ;-) Got the car nice and dirty...

We got to the next downhill a little wh...
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Powerlines Trip

Hendo asked if we could do some 4WDing with his new Vitara and I decided that a morning trip down the powerlines in the reverse direction was a good idea followed by lunch at the pub. So that's exactly what we did!

I still don't have recovery points so had to take it a bit easy and not try anything silly. ;-)

We gathered at the Caltex/Red Rooster and it rained on us. Kind of the story of the day...

Initially we headed East on the track to find a little play area...
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