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Just a little too dusty...

Pluto phoned me a few months ago and asked where I'd like to go - somewhere we hadn't been - for a day trip. I thought that the Wandoo area was a good choice - we'd been through various parts of the terrain but it was worthwhile checking out some bits we hadn't seen before.

So, we sat down with OziExplorer and looked for some "interesting" terrain and planned the trip accordingly.

Today was the day. So, as usual, we met at the top of Greenmount Hill with an ...
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A nice trip through the hills with some mud thrown in for fun.

Our newest club member (Stevo) decided to run his first trip along the Mundaring powerline track. So, a bunch of us tagged along -
  • Stevo (Hilux diesel)
  • Sparky (Feroza)
  • Dino (Pajero petrol)
  • UgBoot (60 Series LandCruiser turbo diesel)
  • Gordon German (Discovery)
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Nineteen vehicles (!) take the Mt Observation trip.
Posted: May 18, 2003 @ 00:00
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Three cars and a lot of mud. What else can I say?

It was the Easter weekend and all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even a.... Wait a minute. Wrong holiday.

Anyway, MacGyver, Gadget and I decided the the Blackwood River (where the rest of the club had gone to) was just too far away and wasn't muddy enough. So, we headed up to the Moore River area to one of our favourite mud playgrounds. And (as Gadget said on the way back) we weren't disappointed.

Our valiant travellers f...
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We take the kids from CanTeen on a trip to Grey.

This was the third CanTeen trip for me - the second this year. Once again, Froggy did a fantastic job in co-ordinating with the CanTeen folk.

Our drivers for the weekend were:
  • Froggy (60 Series LandCruiser petrol)
  • Styx (Triton turbo-diesel)
  • Skip (Hilux turbo-diesel)
  • Pluto (GU Patrol turbo-diesel)
Posted: April 5, 2003 @ 00:00
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Pommy Pete and I take a short morning hop through the Mundaring hills.
Posted: March 29, 2003 @ 00:00
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Not a lot of photos - quite a few in the dark which doesn't help.
Posted: March 23, 2003 @ 00:00
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We take the kids from CanTeen on a trip to Lancelin.

This was the second CanTeen trip I have participated in - again a top effort by Froggy in organising it - not to mention all the leg work on the CanTeen side.

Our drivers for the weekend were:
  • Froggy (60 Series LandCruiser petrol)
  • Fish (Mitsubishi Pajero petrol)
  • Taddy (80 Series LandCruiser di...
Posted: March 7, 2003 @ 00:00
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Skip and Brettski take time off for a picnic near Dwellingup.

Seeing as the rest of the club were away on various trips, Skip and I decided it would be nice to head down to Dwellingup with our immediate families to have a picnic and see if we could fit in some 4WDing.

The day started fairly cloudy and we caught some heavy rain as we were driving down but it cleared up and turned out very nicely indeed. One good effect of this was that it wasn't too crowded in that part of the world.

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We let the ladies take the wheel (for a change) for a drive through the forest.

This day was an idea I plagiarised from another 4WD club - let the ladies have the wheel for a change. Skip and I planned this as a relatively easy trip through the Julimar state forest ending up at a winery for some drinks and eats. We severely underestimated the interest in this trip, with 18 vehicles registered before the day. We had a few no-shows on the day but still a healthy showing.
Posted: November 17, 2002 @ 00:00
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Five cars travel from Mundaring to York along the powerline track.

In our encore performance for this particular trip, we again managed to get five vehicles along.
  • Alan (Virgin Prado petrol - needed special permission from Debbie.)
  • Shane (100 Series LandCruiser diesel)
  • Jewels, Vicki and co (Suzuki Grand Vitara petrol)
  • Mick (Mitsubish Pajero petrol)
Posted: October 22, 2002 @ 00:00
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The Nissan Owners Club ran a night nav exercise in the hills and swampy areas near York. Many people turned up - I forgot to count (but it was their trip anyway) but the following members from West Cost 4x4 were there:
  • Froggy (60 Series LandCruiser petrol)
  • Peppy (GU Patrol turbo diesel)
  • Gadget (GQ Patrol V8 petrol/gas)
  • ...
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Myself, Andy, Anne, Rob and Bev cruise around looking for a place to test our suspension. We also detour to S-bend hill.
Posted: October 10, 2002 @ 00:00
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Eleven vehicles tackle a swamp near York and a few other interesting bits on the way back to Perth.

We used Doogs prepared trip notes and headed back out to York. 12 participants turned up for my first trip as leader.
  • Antoinette (Pajero IO)
  • Gadget (GQ Patrol V8 gas/petrol)
  • Pommy Pete (60 Series LandCruiser petrol)
  • Mudslide (Pajero petrol)
  • TC (GU Patrol...
Posted: September 15, 2002 @ 00:00
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MacGyver takes us on a day trip through Muchea and on to the dunes north of Two Rocks.

This trip was billed as MacGyver's "mystery" trip - he didn't know where he was going to take us when he posted the trip. But, he eventually decided and it was a great day.
  • MacGyver (GU Patrol turbo-diesel)
  • Pommy Pete (60 Series LandCruiser petrol)
  • Robbo (60 Series LandCruiser V8 petrol)
Posted: September 8, 2002 @ 00:00
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Froggy leads us on a half-day trip through some mud and sand.

While Skip and some others did a long-weekend camping trip to Wedge, Froggy arranged a short hop around the sand and mud up near Muchea. We thought, seeing as it had been raining quite hard for a couple of days, that there would be plenty of mud. But, while we did find a bit the ground had soaked up a consider...
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We take the kids from CanTeen on a trip north to Grey, rescuing some kids who did a dumb thing along the way.

West Coast 4x4 (in conjunction with a few other Perth-based 4WD clubs) arranged a weekend with the people from CanTeen. Basically, the idea is to take everyone on a trip up through Lancelin and Wedge to Grey. Although this sounds pretty basic, there was a huge amount of organizing to do, so full credit to...
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A few of us tackle the Moore River again to do a reccie for Skip's night navigation.

I hadn't been out on a trip in quite a while and Skip was going to take a look around the Moore River area with a GPS to try and work out some ideas for an upcoming night navigation exercise. So, I asked myself along. Dennis got wind of it so I pulled a favour and he came too. Therefore, our contenders for the day were:
  • Skip (Holden Rodeo turbo diesel)
Posted: February 9, 2002 @ 00:00
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Thanks to Big Pete for organizing the day - it was a blast...

Big Pete laid on this trip and he promised mud. This was a promise that didn't take long to come true. Much mud and accompanying fun was had. Many vehicles were stuck in varying positions and many recoveries were performed. All up - a top boys day out.

Quite a few takers on the day but only three from West Coast 4x4 - everyone else was away on various other trips....
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the area to map out more tracks.

In preparation for the club's ladies day Skip and I went out in my car to have a look through the Chittering Valley area. The scenery was excellent and we found a lot of good tracks to explore in the future.

Along the way we found a little bit of mud that looked ok to drive through. It wasn't. After a bit of hard work with a baby hand winch that we threw in the car at Skip's place, the car was out. No problems.

More driving followed and we got a whole ...
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