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This guy feeds a stray kitten. And gets a friend.
Posted: February 19, 2014 @ 10:18
Modified: February 19, 2014 @ 10:19
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Important quotes: "itís good to be skeptical", "Science is organized skepticism" and my favourite: "...the debate is over. Itís the moral and scientific equivalent of debating gravity."
Posted: February 19, 2014 @ 10:14
This is definitely worth a look - reducing distractions while driving is laudable and this is a nice way to do it. Watch the video on the site for a demo.
Posted: February 19, 2014 @ 10:01
Posted: February 19, 2014 @ 09:06
Modified: February 19, 2014 @ 09:06
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Posted: February 19, 2014 @ 09:03
Tags: NSA
Interesting concept. While I'm highly in favour of zero-emission cars (i.e. electric or something else) providing that the electricity generation method is from renewable sources - maybe this is a step in the right direction.
Posted: February 19, 2014 @ 08:59
While this won't test everything if your browser isn't listed as good for everything you should change to something that is.

This type of security affects almost everything you do on the Internet - including your banking so it is very important.
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 19:52
Most ATMs on the planet still run Windows XP - which is over a decade old. It isn't surprising that they can be hacked this way.
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 19:49
Modified: February 18, 2014 @ 20:17
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 19:48
Thanks to Jason Kiely for the link.
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 19:47
Modified: February 18, 2014 @ 19:47
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No surprises there. If law enforcement go to a court and get a warrant there is proper oversight as long as that process is open and fair (i.e. not done in secret as in the US). We've seen time and time again that without that oversight the process fails - people and agencies overstep the mark.

There are always those who will say "if you've nothing to hide then you've got nothing to worry about". They're very wrong.
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 14:06
Modified: February 18, 2014 @ 19:44
Tags: Security
Imagine how the mobile world would be different if Samsung were the controlling force behind Android...
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 12:14
I've always thought that the reason there is significantly more tolerance for cyclists in Europe is because a much higher percentage of adult drivers rode bikes well into adulthood - and probably do still ride.
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 11:51
Modified: February 18, 2014 @ 11:53
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This could easily be Merlin.
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 11:35
Modified: February 18, 2014 @ 19:45
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One of the arguments about not bothering with gun control is that you can still kill people with knives and whatever other blunt objects you have to hand.

While that is true, there is nothing like a gun to project injury from some distance away. It is hard to get close to someone brandishing a gun. But it is much easier to contain the damage done by someone holding a knife or a baseball bat.
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 11:34
Given the generally poor state of broadband in Tasmania and the non-delivery of FTTH there under the Coalition's not-really-a-NBN delivery - I wonder how much of an issue it will be in the election.

Obviously there are lots of other issues in the election.
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 11:19
Tags: NBN
This report talks about how bad Perth is - many people do not live within 10km of where they work and this contributes to commute times; traffic congestion and all that stuff.

With the ever-increasing price of oil (and electricity for those who drive electric cars) I think that the days of the Australian dream (large house in the suburbs, garden, all that stuff) is well and truly over. We should be looking at higher-density living that is closer to amenities (work, shopping, entertainment).
Posted: February 18, 2014 @ 10:23
Very cool - definitely worth a look.
Posted: February 17, 2014 @ 16:48
Modified: February 17, 2014 @ 16:49
Tags: Science, Space
We are destined never to get a decent broadband network. I've said much about this in the past - I suspect I'll say much in the future.

Our current government argues that there is no need for superfast broadband. I vehemently disagree - especially as most people are only discussion downloads. Uploads speeds are critically important as high-definition video becomes prevalent.

Without a "real" broadband network (i.e. fibre to the premise) we will never be able to fully participate in the digital...
Posted: February 17, 2014 @ 16:45
Modified: February 17, 2014 @ 16:45
Mesmerising to watch.
Posted: February 17, 2014 @ 15:24
Modified: February 18, 2014 @ 10:59
Tags: xkcd
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